Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Emmanuel Kumah:Setting financial Goals

Money has become one of the most used but the least learn t about resources in the world.So many people dream of having huge money without knowing what the money would be use for.Financial goals are important for any one who would love to leave a life free of debt and are daring to enjoy financial freedom in later years.
I met a young man in Accra, Ghana, who had made the decision to make his future bright by dimming his desires today. And he shared with me some realistic and financial goals about money I do not mind letting you know.
The five decision he shared with me was from Robert Allen’s book Multiple stream of Income
Are you ready to set some financial goals? Do you want to live a life free of worry about money? Then let's get going.

The five decision to make about your money seeds

1. Target: How much total money would you like to accumulate? It is not enough to say you want money, how much money would fulfill your needs. If you believe $1 million would help you reach your goal put it down on paper.

2. Amount:Because your target is to accumulate $1 million, you need to put aside some amount of money every week ,or month to enable you get your target, this comes with habit of squeezing some few money out of your life to reach the target, you need to deny your self those instant gratification ,so as to put aside some amount of money.You should also learn the habit of budgeting in order to direct some of the money to achieve your financial objective.

3. Rate: What interest rate can you earn on your invested dollars? You need to put those accumulated money in a high yielding investment package so that you would  reach the target you have set for your self. Remember you are loaning  your hard earned money  to someone to use and so you should get a return higher than the money you parted with .If 20% interest rate would enable you reach the target, select an investment package that would help you achieve the goal.Make sure you do a due diligence on the type of investment before parting with the money .ok!

4. Time: When would like to reach your financial goal, 29 ,15 or 30 years? The earlier  you know the time to reach the financial goal,you would begin to start put money aside to reach the goal,the sooner you start, the richer you will get.
5. Purpose: I have already said that money without  a purpose leads to a curse.Why do you really want this money? What is the ultimate purpose?  Is it to further your education, marry , support the family or start another business.Your moneymaking will be much more successful and meaningful if you have a clear purpose.If it is just to “make a lot of money” you may find yourself oneday with a lot of money , but not knowing what to do with it.

Let me end by giving you this financial target work sheet.

  • What is my target investment goal?......................
  • How much can I invest per week?......................
  • How long am I willing to invest?.........................
  • What is my target interest rate?...........................
  • And finally, why is it important to me to achieve this goal?
What Next? IT is your TURN

 I hope i have helped you know how to reach those goals, drop me a comment on what you have learnt and feel free to share this on facebook and other social media. Now that you have set a financial goal, work on it daily and you would suppressed by the amount of wealth you will accumulate. Thank You

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting the Career you always dream of

Do you dream of getting the job the best suite your skills? Well , you are not alone, everybody enjoys doing what he is passionate about, artist love to work with paints, writers like to write, a craftsman love to work with his hands.Whether your dream is to become an entrepreneur, a pharmacist or a minister of the gospel, relax you are not alone.Over the years, so many people have taught about what they love to do and are rich just by thinking of their dream,people of noble birth have risen to position of influence just by still thinking to grow rich.There is no need reinventing the wheel.
Today, I would love to help you ,get the right career and dream job,someone once said “Do what you love and you would never work a day in your life.” If you want to do what you love,what you are passionate about, then stay with me as we explore the 5 steps in GETTING THE CAREER YOU ALWAYS DREAM OF

1. Decide exactly what kind of career you want: What do you love to do, what is your dream job? Do not just go in for any job because you are getting frustrated, or because of the high level of unemployment in the country. If you love to paint you should be an artist, if yours is to set up businesses may be you should consider being an Entrepreneur. Doing what you love gives you the chance to be the best , since the skills would come naturally and you would feel motivated to do more.It may be that , the career you want is not readily available, create one for yourself! Remember the world we live in never existed, it was created by God’s word.Create the future you want now.

2. Choose the company or individual for whom you wish the work for: Now that you know what your dream is , you would be left with the power of choice,choosing the company or individual you would want to work with sends a signal to that individual you are focused ,you know what want and this means you would definitely put in your maximum best when you come to work.When you decide to work for a particular company or individual it means you appreciate the work they are doing and would like to contribute to their success based on your dream or what you love to do.Let me ask you ,If I was suppose to give you a job,which company or individual would like to work with and why? Drop me a comment and let’s get talking

3. Study your prospective Employer: In building your dream job, you need to know the policies and accomplishment of your prospective employer.Ask your self some simple questions “is there room for advancement in this company, how well should I work to get a raise in salary,what does my boss requires of an employee? Such questions would reduce all your fears and anxiety and would enable you to be better informed to contribute to the success of the company.

4. Do a self analysis: By self analysis, I mean knowing your talents,and your capabilities, figure out what you can offer,and plan ways and means of giving better suggestions ,ideas and services you believe you can successful deliver.This would endear you the heart of the Employer and would know the value you would be adding to the company.If you can type faster, let them know and make sure you willing type all the companies reports and brochures, when it is time for promotion,you would be top on the list.

5. Concentrate on what you can give: Yes ,forget about the job, for get about the salary for a while and concentrate on what you can give, you dream is to be an asset in your career and not a liability
Do you have something of value you can add to the company? Your reason for doing that is because there can be a dismissal of employees for non performance and because you contribute to the success of the company you would be spared.

One last thing I would love to talk about in getting your dream career is to present your CV to the proper person in authority, address it to the right person who is suppose to receive the CV and not to any tittle manager and make consistent follow up on it. Every company is looking for men who can give something of value, whether ideas or services,every company has room for the man who has a definite plan of action which is to the advantage of the company.

Remember, getting your dream job may take a few days or weeks of extra time,but the difference in income,advancement and in gaining recognition will save years of hard work at small pay,and would save you one to five years of time reaching a chosen goal.
Note that every person who starts or get in halfway of the ladder does so by deliberate and careful planning.

What Next?
Was it beneficial taking time to go through this article, drop me a comment and feel free to ask me any question i would gladly respond,You can share this article on facebook and other social network.Remember, when you dream ,DREAM BIG.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tips on making your own Decisions

After receiving so  many emails from my readers on help in making decisions and reaching their goals, I can not sit but to provide useful help to my cherish readers on how to make an effective decision. Whether your vision is to be the President of the world, you need to know how to go about it, without being discouraged.
I am therefore pressured to share with you my cherished readers and the whole world one of the most inspiring books of all kind by Napoleon Hills in his book,”Think and Grow Rich”
The majority of people who fail to reach their visions and dreams are easily influenced by the opinions of others.They always permit the newspaper and gossiping neighbors to do their thinking for them. Know that in this world we live in opinions are the cheapest commodities,every one had a bag of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who would accept them.If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you will have no desire of your own. Let me tell you one tip in making effective decision,Are you ready to learn something new? Then stay with me, and you would have made the right decision.

  • Keep your counsel:Take no one into your confidence except member you really trust or are in complete sympathy and harmony of your purpose.Normally close friends and relatives,while not meaning to do so,often handicap one through “opinions” and sometimes through ridicule,which is meant to create humor the family can laugh about.Sometimes when you share your dreams with your close friends they believe it is not possible for you to achieve them ,but they forget ,you should not judge a book by his cover.Thousands of men and women carry inferiority complexes with them through all their life and you may be one ,this happen because some well meaning but ignorant person destroyed their confidence through ‘opinions ‘ or ridicule.Know that you have brain and mind of your own you use it wisely to reach your own decisions.If you need facts or information from other people to enable you to reach your own decisions as you will probably will in many instances, inquire these facts or secure the information you need quietly,without disclosing your purpose.
  • Do not do much talking: it is characteristics of people who have but a smattering or a veneer of knowledge to try to give the impression that they have much knowledge.Such people do much talking and too little listening.If you need an friendly advice, hear this, keep your eyes and ears wide open and your mouth closed.If you talk more than you listen,you not only deprive yourself of many opportunities to accumulate useful knowledge,but you also disclose your plans and purpose to people who will take great delight in defeating you, because they envy you.
  • Be modest and silence: Remember that every time you open your mouth in the presence of a person who has an abundance of knowledge, you display to that person your exact stock of knowledge,or your lack of it.Also,know that every person with whom you associate is like yourself,seeking the opportunity to reach that goal,if you talk about your plans freely, you may be surprised when you learn that some other person has beaten you to your goal by putting into action ahead of you.
What Next?
Well , I want to say all the best in every decision and goal you want to reach and remember to keep a closed mouth and open ears and eyes.You would do me much service if you can drop me a feedback or a comment on how helpful this article has been. Feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.God bless You.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Concept of Leadership

Are you still struggling to be the leader you always prayed for? Leadership has become a must have key for performance.What then is Leadership? Does everybody becomes a leader? If you are worried,Worry no more for John  C. Maxwell said,Everything rises and falls on leadership".
Leadership has therefore become one of the vital  component  for peak performance, whether you are leader of a church, or an association  it very important that you become that kind of leader that has the ability to deal with situations.This article  would help you become the leader you have always dreamed of are you ready?
Many a time people  ask for the definition of leadership in churches ,schools and seminars.
Leadership is not a Position, leadership is the ability to  influence other people to achieve set goals,it is the ability to have followers and the ability to deal with situation
John C. Maxwell said,” A leader is great not because of his or her power,but  because of his or her ability to empower others.” Leadership requires influencing and empowering followers  to achieve a set goal or to work towards a common vision.A person’s  level of effectiveness has a direct link with his leadership ability.Although some are born leaders,leadership can be developed and it shows how  you have mature through personal development.
One key thing to note about leadership is that it begins in the heart and not in the head, you show people  your  leadership competence by demonstrating to them how much you care, as it is rightly said,”People  don’t  care how much you know until they know how much you care.”The level of care you show towards  your colleagues, subordinates  and  masters brings out the leader that lies within you.The only way to lead people is to love them ,and love is true leadership.
When ever someone trust  you to be able to do an assignment it shows your leadership competence, they do not  believe they can do it ,so they entrust you to be able to do a very good and effective work than they will.Be  very accountable when ever people entrust something to you,or else they lose their trust in you forever.
Yes, leadership is a test, and a test you must pass. Each time in our life we are tested and the more we pass the test the more our leadership potentials  are sharpened, as a true leader you would be test in every situation you meet, your ability to pass that test is the key to greater accomplishment in life. Remember to be the leader you dream of you should know the types of leaders there are. 

What Next?
See you in the next article as i talk about becoming the effective leader you have always dream of, feel free to drop me a comment or ask a question on leadership, it keeps me going

Becoming an Effective Leader

Do you dream of becoming that effective leader? Are you contemplating on how to drive your team to achieve all the task that you have planned for? After my article on the Concept of leadership, I became more convinced to help my reader know how to be the effective leader in any circumstances they find themselves. As Jon C. Maxwell puts it “ A leader is great not because of his or her power but because of his or her ability to empower others . In this article we would be learning three principles you can use to become an effective leader as written by David Schwartz in his book,”The magic of thinking big
As I said in my earlier article on What is Leadership, I said leadership is not position but influence ,and we would be sharing three principles on how to influence people you lead or would love to lead.
Are you ready, let’s get down to serious work.

Three leadership Principles that works.

1. Trade minds with people you want to influence: To become an effective leader you need to see things through the eyes of the person you want to influence, borrow the eyes of the person you would want him or her to do what you want, and see through his or her eyes; if you would do what you are asking of him or her, if you were in his or her shoes.It is easy to get others to do what you want them to do if you will see things through their eyes.Think of it as exchanging your mind with the people and see if you would naturally do what you are asking them.Ask your self these questions before you act :”What would I think of this,if I exchanged places with the other person. “Would I do what I am telling him to do , if I was in his position?”, “Would I like to carry out the orders if they were given to me the way I give them to others?”. To become an effective leader and to get others to do what you want you must see through their eyes.

2. Use the “BE HUMAN” rule: Another effective principle in leadership is to think What is the human way to handle this. People use different approaches in leadership situation, some would like to assume the position of a dictator, dictators make all decisions without consulting others , he would refuse to hear the subordinates side of the story because he is afraid the subordinates may be right and this would cause the leader to lose face. To be an effective leader, you must be able to treat people as human beings and not like machines, you cannot lead people you do not love , hence you must show appreciations to your followers for good work done and help in any way to solve some of the minor personal problems your subordinates may face. I was reading John C.Maxwell’s book on Leadership when he made a statement that changed my life , he said, People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” When a subordinates cannot meet a deadline because of ill health , take time to visit or call the person, this shows how much you value the person and it would help you become effective in leading people. Remember, leadership is people management and it begins in the heart not in the head.

3. Think progress, believe in progress, push for progress: The last rule I would love to share with you is thinking progress in all you do, do not be the kind of leader that would not challenge the status quo, think of way to do things different and better than you meet them, push for improvement in all you do, it had been my observation that over a period of time subordinates tend to become carbon copies of their leader. If you are the kind of leader that thinks about improvement in your work situations and that of your followers, in your absence your followers begin to catch the same mantle and they become effective even in your absence.Remember, the main job of the leader is thinking and you need to think progress if you want to be effective.

What Next?

Thank you for investing time to read this article as it has already being said, Everything rises and falls on leadership, develop the leader within and you are free to share this article with millions of people, you want to influence. If you are challenge,leave me a comment ,I would be glad to know how much impart this has made.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Achieving the vision

Five reasons people do not achieve their visions
Everybody wakes up with a dream but not everybody acts on the dream.Many people have visions of what they would love to do, but do all achieve the vision? After carefully studying few of my colleagues who claim to have visions but never achieving those vision,I am convicted to share with you some reasons people do not achieve their visions.
I hope after reading this ,you would begin to work on achieving those visions.Let me not bore you and go straight to the 5 reasons people do not achieve their visions.Are you ready?
1.       Failure to define clearly exactly what one wants: There is a saying that, if you do not know where you are going every road would lead you somewhere.One reasons people do not achieve their vision is that ,they do not have one, they are just in life and get blown and tossed by the wind.Let me ask a question,What do you want in life?,Where would you want to be in 10 years time? Unfortunately so many are in a hurry going somewhere , without pausing to find out where exactly they are going.Do not be like them, live a life with a vision, a life with a purpose ,all successful people have dreams.If you want to be successful, get a pen on paper and draw you road map to your destination. Read my article on Goal Setting , it may help you.
2.       Procrastination: Procrastination has always being and would forever remain the thief of time. Why put aside tomorrow what can be done today? People do not achieve their visions because they always procrastinate what has to be done.Procrastination is the daughter of laziness and lazy people do not realize their dreams and visions because they would always expect someone to act on their dreams and visions for them. Procrastination would kill your  vision, stop giving those excuses and find alternative method of getting the work done.If you have something to do,that would help you reach the vision, go and do it immediately.But remember to finish reading the other points ok!

3.       Habits of neglecting to move on ideas ,or to grasp opportunity: Yes, it is a habit, no wonder you are still in the dreaming stage, the world is full of opportunities that would present themselves at your doorstep, but if you are lazy you would never welcome them in, it is true that opportunities come disguised as hard work, but you need to grasp them if you want to achieve the vision.When an idea comes to you, write it down and work on it immediately ,develop a positive habit of utilizing every single opportunity that presents itself ,it is the only way to reach the vision faster.
4.       Lack on interest in acquiring specialized knowledge: Have you ever heard of a pilot who did not go to piloting school? Or a medical doctor who never step his two feet into a medical school? If you do not acquire a specific kind of knowledge you would wonder around trying to reach the vision.Pay the price know, seek for knowledge, go to school,register for courses that would help you achieve the vision ,no matter what the price is ,pay the price and you would one day get the prize of fulfillment and satisfaction.Develop the interest in learning and knowing more about your dream,some may come at no cost, but you need to be interested in it , before you can reach those dreams
5.       Wishing instead of willing: If wishes were horses ,beggars would ride. We are no longer in the world of Aladdin, where you would have a magic lamb to wish for anything from the great Gene.Wishes never made anybody successful you need to be willing to go for the vision and work it out daily.Remember like a muscle builder, your first step is to get into the gym and work your self out, before the big muscles would appear.You can’t wish for bigger muscle, you can’t wish for the vision ,be willing to work it out.
What Next?
Thank you for your attention, now  that you know why you have not yet reached those dreams, start to work on the weaknesses, procrastination would rob you of your joy ,if you do not act know.Start and don’t forget to ask for help when you need it, I would be right here.Share this on facebook and twitter it would help some one achieve those visions.

Turning Desires into GOLD

Think and Grow Rich, how many times have you heard this saying? Is there really power in thinking, not to mention converting it to monetary equivalent? Undoubtedly, Napoleon Hills “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the most influential books of all time, that would help you in your personal achievement and a sure road to financial independence.
It is true, we are what we think of most of the time,our habits is a reflection of our thoughts much more than our growth, we can really think and grow rich.Since everything begins and ends with your mind, you should be able to set your mind in a way as to create wealth. I feel more pressured today, to share with you an excerpt of his book, “Think and Grow Rich” and we would focus on how to turn desires into money.Are you ready to think and grow Rich?
Money is good, because when it falls in the hand of a good person it would do more good to the world, and would give you freedom and time to share your life with people you value most. It may seem incredible and unbelievable but if you only believe, what you are about to read would transform your life and finance a great deal.
Five ways to turn Desires into Gold.
1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire: Most often I here people say,”I want plenty money” However, it is not enough to say that, but you must fix in your mind the amount of money that would make you happy and help fulfill your needs,money without purpose would not be a fulfillment in life and would be a curse instead of a blessing. Let me repeat it again “ How much money do you want?”

2. Determine exactly what you need to give in return for the money you desire: there is no free lunch, if you need money you need to give something in exchange for the money, there is no such reality as something for nothing.What do you want to give in return for the money? It may be a service you can render or a product you can sell to someone in exchange for the money that person has. If your desire is to have $20,000 by the end of the year ,what service can you give to someone for him or her to pay you that amount you need.Think about it?

3. Establish the definite date when you intend to posses the money you desire: As you fix in your mind a date to have that money, you would be motivated to work hard in having the money on the set date, establishing a definite date helps you to set goals and as the date draws nearer you feel more confident and accomplished in life. When do you want that money you desire,? 2020,2011 or 22nd December, 2012 which is more specific?

4. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire: Think and grow rich, when you begin formulating a plan you would be convinced you are getting that money, remember I talked about goal setting in my previous work, plans or goals are more definite approach to the dream of achieving financial success.Create a plan for yourself. How am I going to get this money by this said date, write the plans down no matter how silly it may be first and then begin to act on it now.I always say that the best time to begin an important journey is Now, so act on your plans today.

5. Verbalize: read aloud the written statement in your quest of wealth acquisition, say it to yourself and feel the possession of the money in your hand.As you read your written wealth acquisition plan and you begin to think about it, you become convinced in your heart and then you feel the money in your hands.
Napoleon Hills was not joking , believe me it works ,there is really magic in thinking and growing rich , remember the end results is not to think but to do what you think of and the riches would be yours.

What Next?
Thank you for your investment in my article, feel free to share this with your friends on other social media and don’t forget to drop me a comment ,it keeps me going.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

goal setting

Have you ever met any successful person without a goal? Unfortunately many people want to climb the ladder of success by jumping the law of goal setting.Every bit of human progress- every discovery in science and engineering and every business success did not just happen they were visualized before they became realities. It has become clear that goal setting is as essential to success as air is to life , no one ever stumbles into success without a goal.
What then is A GOAL?
A goal is more than a dream it is a dream being acted upon,no forward accomplishment is achieved without goals ,without setting goals for yourself you would just be wondering through life. You may have a vision or a dream but you need goals to help you achieve those visions.
In this article I would be sharing with you five success building tips to help you get closer to your dreams.
I believe you are ready to learn? Let's get going.
1. Get a clear fix on where you want to go: Have you ever being to a bus terminal and sat in the bus, paid for the fare without knowing where the bus was headed for?, Certainly, you are bound to head in the wrong direction.If you know where you are heading for then you would have the zeal to create an image of yourself 10 years from now, ask your self these questions;” Where would I be 10 years from now”, “What would I be doing 10 years from now”. If you were able to answer these questions you are in the right bus headed for the indented destination.However, if you are finding it difficult answering these questions ,it is a starting point in achieving your dream , do not be discouraged you are the right place.

2. Write out the 10 year plan: The next step in achieving your dream is to write out the plans for realizing those dreams, your life is too precious to be left to chance, write down the vision and make it plain, it is not enough to think about the 10 year plan , write in on a paper, put in a place you would always see, so that you would be motivated to achieve those dreams. A plan is not really a plan unless it is written down,it then becomes the road map to fulfilling the dream.

3. Let your goals absorb You: In becoming successful , you need to be absorbed by your goals,you then begin to make the right decisions in reaching those goals.When you get absorbed by your goals, it becomes the dominant thought that rules your life, and circumstances begin to make way for you to achieve those dreams.As I said, a goal is more than a dream, it is dream being acted upon.My goal is to make impact in your life and so i am obsessed in bringing you information that would make you more better than you were. If you begin to act on your dream,the world would make room for you to achieve your dream, because you know where you are going.Let your goals be full in your Heart.

4. Achieve your goals one step at a time: Success does not happen over night, do not wait for your dream to find you, take a step to achieve those dreams, regard each task you perform no matter how small it is as a step in reaching your dreams, a journey of thousand miles would always begin with a step.If you believe in your dreams , start right now to take a step in reaching those dreams, do not be frightened by the size of the dream, as you take that single step you get closer to the vision and the vision would be more visible to you.

5. Invest in your self: Normally, when the word invested is mention, many peoples mind shift to stocks, real estate or some other types of property, but the greatest and most rewarding form of investment is self investment. Purchase tapes, that would help you achieve your dreams, go to seminars you are interested in it would help you reach your dream faster.Take courses that would make you more effective and would bring you closer to your dreams.One fine way to achieve the vision is to pay the price now , if you want to get the prize tomorrow.

What Next?
Act now, it is not enough to be motivated work on what you have learnt, and don’t forget to leave me with a comment if you need any help or the information has being helpful. You may also share this timely information with your facebook and twitter friends. Thank You