What I Do

I consider myself a work in progress,however i find myself  engaged in a few things that makes my life fulfilling.
  • I love to write especially on personal and professional development  and I believe that is the main reason i started this blog to share my knowledge with you. I also get some freelance content writing jobs occasionally and hunger for more
  • Just found out am really good at the ARTs , I've developed a strong passion for making pencil portraits that speaks to the heart and a week never goes by without drawing.Below is just one of my works
    Pencil Portrait GH
  • Still working on my web development skills,just know a bit of HTML,CSS,Javascript,PHP and some Content Management system like Wordpress
  • Learn how to cook some  Codes with each passing day hope to come up with my first mobile app  soon 
  • I enjoy playing  the keyboard though i do not consider my self a Pro,and love to sing my heart out to my Maker.
What else do i do? Well I am a work in progress and i believe i am just but pencil in the hand of the Maker to fulfill my purpose on EARTH