Friday, February 1, 2013

The Sanguine- Who is He?

Why do you act the way you do?  Why do you always get into trouble with your friends and family? Why do you always complain about your boss? Most people find themselves in wrong relationships and careers because they struggle to identify their personality type. When we are able to identify who we really are and our temperamental tendencies, we become better in regulating ourselves, this allows us to develop self-control and self-discipline and avoid unnecessary pitfalls within our lives.
In this post, I intend sharing with you some of the major personality types, so that you can develop your strength as well as maximizing weaknesses that comes with that temperament type.
Let’s begin with the Sanguine
sanguine temperament
Sanguines are the popular, talkative and the “centre of attention ” at all times, no matter the setting. At a party, Sanguines are the loud type making funny comments and telling funny stories all over, typically the ones to  give life to the party, because they love to talk. They attract people with their magnetism and exude charisma; a  sanguine personality is always affectionate, loving, cheerful, optimistic  and hopeful. To easily spot a sanguine; look for the one that easily dominates conversation or talk too much about their selves. And watch out, in their enthusiasm, they may exaggerate the truth, waste time and definitely forget obligations.
If you find yourself dating a sanguine, what they want to hear from you is how attractive they are, how you like their hair, make-up, clothes, dangling earrings or anything else they have put on.
Some down sides of sanguine are; they are not normally goal oriented, waste time and forget obligations.Sanguines are frequently not disciplined, and this is, of course, very difficult for the third personality type called melancholy to understand. Sanguines wear their "heart on their sleeve", but they very easily “forgive and forget”. As quickly as a Sanguine will discover a new hobby or pursuit, that love of it can be lost when it ceases to be engaging or fun.  

What Next?
Are you a Sanguine? Tell me some of your weaknesses and strengths; in my next post I talk about the Choleric temperament