Monday, October 1, 2012

Killing the Dream Killers

Dream Killers

I woke up today only to realise it is the 1st of October, 2012- two more months to the end of the year! Suddenly my countenance dropped, I failed to see the rising morning sun that greets  me when  I open the  doors, nor did I even hear the birds sing, not to talk of singing along with them in recognition of what lovely day my maker has bestowed on me. “What happened to all those dreams, those beautiful plans I drew out during the start of the year with so much excitement and hope?” I said. What about you, what happened to your dreams? Or didn’t you have a dream? Everyone has a dream at one point in their lives, days go by, but there is just this one thing that you want to do before the end of the year, that thing that you want for yourself and believe would make you happy. Do you remember it? Have you been able to accomplish it?
Today, I would like to help you achieve those dreams even before the clock strikes 31st December, 2012.Join me, as we identify some of the major dream killers in our life and kill those dream killers. Yes, we don’t just want to point out the dream killers, but we want to know how to get rid of these dream killers. By sharing with you, it would give me the impetus to achieve those dreams I set out for myself before the beginning of the year, so let’s go along and kill those dream killers
Below are some of the most common dream killers I have found and how to get rid of them
  • Fear

William Allen White said,” I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today” Fear of the unknown, fear of failure is one of the major reason people do not accomplish their dreams, they are afraid that when they step out and walk , they would fall on the first step. They are afraid of what people might say if things don’t go right, hence they never try. Fear is only false evidence that may become real if you permit it. So how do you kill fear? Rise up and do, the only way to know if that dream is possible is not in contemplating on the dream but by taking action, once you take the first step, all false evidence seizes completely.
  • Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are group of people particularly friends and close relatives who specialise in quenching every little spark of fire in our life. You have a dream, a desire you want to see accomplished, immediately you talk to these people about your plans, they talk you down. They would give you 101 reasons why that dream cannot be achieved, and even cite examples of those who tried following that same path you want to go and failed. How do you kill them? Avoid the fire extinguishers, be careful the kind of people you share dreams with. Only share dreams with people you trust would be of immense help.
  • Low self –Esteem

People with low self esteem don’t dream, even if they do they have a very low image of themselves that, they do not see how “they” can accomplish those dreams. They come out with great plans, ask them to implement it and they think they can. They would normally say, “me, how can I do that, I am too…” and bring out a pile of reasons why they can’t. Kill your low self esteem, no one is better than you, smarter than you or more intelligent than you, change the picture you have of yourself and achieving dreams would be second nature.
  • Laziness

At last, the biggest dream killer: laziness! Laziness comes in many forms –it may be losing your inspiration, procrastination, tiredness, lost of motivation. You put things to be done now away, hoping that there would be a more convenient time, and they never get done. Success has no room for lazy people; you need to find ways of staying focused and inspired. Whenever you feel lazy about doing something, just pick  piece of paper and ask yourself, “Do  it now?”, if you feel a strong urge to procrastinate, it is an indication  you are becoming lazy get up and do that particular thing and you would realise you would achieve your dreams much easier

What Next?
Do you know of any dream killers in your life? How were you able to go pass them to accomplish your dream s? Share with us