Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Mirror Reflection

Have ever looked into the mirror and felt that you are not well dressed for an occasion?
If your answer to this question is yes, then you are absolutely right, because the mirror reflects just what you see and feel.
Everything you see on the outside is the exact REPLICA of what is in the inside.
How then do you see or Picture yourself to be?
From his book , THE MIILION DOLLAR HABITS- Brain TRACY Writes;
How You See Yourself

The second part of your self-concept is your self-image. Beginning with the work of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, and his book Psycho-Cybernetics, we learn that the way you see yourself on the inside largely determines how you perform on the outside. If you see yourself as positive, popular, productive and successful on the inside, that is exactly how you will act on the outside. The way you behave on the outside will largely determine the results that you get. The results that you get will reinforce your self-concept, in either a positive or negative way, and will set you up to repeat the same behaviors in the next similar situation. Your self-concept is often called your “inner mirror.” This is the mirror that you look into prior to engaging in any performance, or entering into any event of importance. If you see yourself as confident and successful prior to meeting a new person, applying for a job, or making a presentation, that is how you will perform in the actual situation. If you have a poor self-image, if you see yourself as not being particularly popular, confident, or attractive, your negative self-image will
make you to feel clumsy, awkward and inadequate in subsequent situations. One of the most important habits that you develop is the habit of feeding your mind with positive pictures and images of yourself performing at your very best prior to every situation of importance.
Take a few moments, as athletes, politicians and performers do, and imagine yourself as if you were outstanding at what you were about to do. Hold that picture in your mind for as long as you possibly can. Then, relax and let it go. Later, when you find yourself in that situation, your subconscious mind will remember the picture and give you the words, actions and gestures that correspond exactly to the picture that you created a short time before

Adding Value to your life.

Most people set off in life without having any value , no self-worth and believe ,as a results ,they do not accomplish their goals or even get closer to their dreams. Simply put, they live their life’s to chance.
What are Values?
Values are things you believe in and choose to live by, this automatically help shape your life and accelerate you towards your goals
These are My Values
F- faith in God
O- opportunities
S- Services

May be you should develop values or believes that would help you get closer to your Goals

Enjoy this great excerpt from Brian Tracy’s MILLION DOLAR HABIT.
Your Values Shape Your Personality
The values you choose to live by, and the way you define those values, shape and influence your personality and your achievements as much or more than any other single factor. When you take the time to think through and develop absolute clarity about the key values and qualities that you admire the most, and wish the most to incorporate into yourself, you begin to shape and direct your whole personality, and determine the results you achieve in the future. As you think about your values, and reflect upon how you could incorporate them into your life and behaviors, you become a different person. As a result, you attract different people and opportunities into your life. Your outer world soon begins to mirror your inner world. You start to move more rapidly toward the achievement of your most important goals, and your goals begin to move rapidly toward you. It all begins with you taking complete control of the formation and development of your personal self-ideal.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Leadership skills for peak performance

What is your definition of leadership?
Is it in the holding of a position or perhaps a title?
Leadership is the ability to influence other people to achieve set goals, everything in the world ,rises and falls on leadership, leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. It is a well known fact that all leaders are readers ,with this in mind, I know , you want to be a very effective leader , this article is just for you.

Three kinds of leadership
i would be sharing with you the three main kinds of leaders the world can identify with, are you ready?

Destructive leaders:
• They lead to satisfy themselves
• They destroy what has already been done if they will not share in the glory
• Position first before function
• They use their position to destroy others.

Managerial leaders:

• This people are good caretakers but lack the courage and vision to chart new path
• They will not challenge the status quo
• They keep on doing the same thing the same way with the same results in the name of keeping tradition
• A lot activity but low productivity
• A lot of movement but no monument

Transformational leaders
• They impact and transform generations
• They live for others and not themselves
• Their works live beyond them
• They have strong will and are courageous.

What Next?
So what kind of leader are you, or do you still think you are not a leader, well leadership is not position so stop worrying about the post you haven't got, Leadership is the ability to empower others. I am a leader and i believe you are one too. Let's Change our world then


Skill #1. Research and creation expertise : How to research,
discover, acquire, organize your ideas. It all starts with a core expertise. What do you know that we don't? Or who do you know that knows something that the rest of us need or want to know? You don't have to spend years learning a core expertise. You can find some expert who is under-marketed and take his or her idea to the marketplace. Just remember to organize this information in the communication age style....easy to learn, simple to use, fast results.
Skill #2. Packaging expertise: How to express, display, package, communicate yourself
Sometimes the line between success and failure is razor thin. I know of an info-preneur who
spent years and tens of thousands of dollars creating a product called Compact Classics. He had taken and condensed all of the great classic books in fiction and non fiction into a two page
format. Instead of taking weeks to read the original, you get the meat of the book in only two pages. Only one problem. No one would buy it. And thousands of dollars went down the drain. Until it got repackaged and retitled. The new title? The Great American Bathroom Book.
The idea caught on and a millions dollars later, the idea is still pumping out cash. By the way, you can buy the same book with either title. If you are the high brow type, you order the Compact Classics title. If you are the Larry Lunch Bucket type, it's the Bathroom book. But neither market would have enjoyed the book if some savvy packager hadn't "cracked the code." Here are some core packaging skills you will need to develop, rent or acquire:
• Find the best prices for materials
• Designing useful, interesting packaging.
• Creating low cost ways to organize your materials
Skill #3. Marketing expertise: How to sell, distribute, disseminate, promote yourself and your product. Marketing is the essential skill. You can market junk with right marketing campaign. Quality work is doomed to remain stuck in your computer data banks unless you learn how to market it. Here are some core marketing skills which you will have to buy, rent or acquire:
• Writing compelling copy
• Understanding psychology and human nature
• Learning the secrets of direct mail advertising
• Buying the best and cheapest advertising.
• Tracking your results.
• Managing a database.
• Tapping into the Internet


Did you know, that everyone can turn what he or she may seem as a failure into money?
Read this excerpt from Robert Allen’s MULTIPLE STREAM OF INCOME.
It is my firm belief that everyone...including you....has a least one good book in them. When
you've finished reading this special report, you'll realize that you have enough information and
experience in your head right now to turn into a lifetime stream of income.
You have a book in
you that is just waiting to be unleashed.
With some proper positioning, your book can become the cornerstone of an information empire.
An information empire? Yes. And I'm going to prove it to you.
The next time you wonder whether "there's gold in them thar hills," remember the example of 75
year old Walter Swann from Arizona. A few years ago he wrote a book about growing up in
Arizona with his brother, Henry. He called his book "Me and Henry." Sounds like a money making
title, doesn't it? But no publisher would publish it. So he published it himself. But no book store
would buy it. So opened his own book store. But his book store is unique. It only carries one
title.....that's right, "Me and Henry." He calls it the One Book, Book Store. The only book you can
buy in his book store is "Me and Henry." Dumb idea, right? Wrong. He sells thousands of books
world wide. And makes thousands of dollars a month from this one simple idea. In fact, business
has been so good that he has written another book. This one is called, "Me and Mama." It's also
for sale in a special room in the One Book ,Book Store. It's called the Other Book ,Book Store.
What I want you to realize is that you, your life story or your life's expertise have market value. It
may have enough market value to support you for life.
Turn your life story into money....even if you've been a miserable failure.