Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adding Value to your life.

Most people set off in life without having any value , no self-worth and believe ,as a results ,they do not accomplish their goals or even get closer to their dreams. Simply put, they live their life’s to chance.
What are Values?
Values are things you believe in and choose to live by, this automatically help shape your life and accelerate you towards your goals
These are My Values
F- faith in God
O- opportunities
S- Services

May be you should develop values or believes that would help you get closer to your Goals

Enjoy this great excerpt from Brian Tracy’s MILLION DOLAR HABIT.
Your Values Shape Your Personality
The values you choose to live by, and the way you define those values, shape and influence your personality and your achievements as much or more than any other single factor. When you take the time to think through and develop absolute clarity about the key values and qualities that you admire the most, and wish the most to incorporate into yourself, you begin to shape and direct your whole personality, and determine the results you achieve in the future. As you think about your values, and reflect upon how you could incorporate them into your life and behaviors, you become a different person. As a result, you attract different people and opportunities into your life. Your outer world soon begins to mirror your inner world. You start to move more rapidly toward the achievement of your most important goals, and your goals begin to move rapidly toward you. It all begins with you taking complete control of the formation and development of your personal self-ideal.