Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Leadership skills for peak performance

What is your definition of leadership?
Is it in the holding of a position or perhaps a title?
Leadership is the ability to influence other people to achieve set goals, everything in the world ,rises and falls on leadership, leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness. It is a well known fact that all leaders are readers ,with this in mind, I know , you want to be a very effective leader , this article is just for you.

Three kinds of leadership
i would be sharing with you the three main kinds of leaders the world can identify with, are you ready?

Destructive leaders:
• They lead to satisfy themselves
• They destroy what has already been done if they will not share in the glory
• Position first before function
• They use their position to destroy others.

Managerial leaders:

• This people are good caretakers but lack the courage and vision to chart new path
• They will not challenge the status quo
• They keep on doing the same thing the same way with the same results in the name of keeping tradition
• A lot activity but low productivity
• A lot of movement but no monument

Transformational leaders
• They impact and transform generations
• They live for others and not themselves
• Their works live beyond them
• They have strong will and are courageous.

What Next?
So what kind of leader are you, or do you still think you are not a leader, well leadership is not position so stop worrying about the post you haven't got, Leadership is the ability to empower others. I am a leader and i believe you are one too. Let's Change our world then