So many people fail at getting to where they want in life because the do not take hold of the countless opportunites that come their way – on a regular basis. Everyday we encounter new opportunities and if only we knew how to identify them, we would not only save ourselves a lot of time and effort but we would also start to see our dreams becoming a reality.
So many times we do not recognise all the opportunities that are available to act on. Acting on all opportunites both big and small will help you get to your desired destination quicker.
One thing I noticed is that a lot of people pass up the smaller opportunities because they are looking for that one opportunity that is sure to ‘make it big’, but a lot of times it is the smaller opportunities that provide stepping stones to bigger opportunities.
So here are my 3 Keys to Making Every Opportunity Count
  1. Awareness
    How can we expect to be taking hold of new opportunities everyday if we cannot find them? The first thing that we need to be doing to make every opportunity count is the be aware that opportunities are everywhere! Especially with how busy life always seems to be, we get so caught up in what we are doing that opportunities are walking straight by us - and we don’t even notice.Another reason that we never seem to notice opportunities is because most times they arrive in the way of a problem.Every problem is an opportunity in disguise!Take Benjamin Franklin for example, he had bad eyesight and was tired of changing glasses to view short distance and and long distances. So he created bi-focal lenses. So the first thing we need to be doing to make sure we are taking advantage of every opportunity in to realise that opportunities are everywhere and usually they come in the form of a problem.
  2. Anticipation
    So now that we know opportunities are everywhere the next step is to anticipate them.The dictionary defines anticipation as:
    "To realise beforehand; foretaste or forsee."
  3. The thing is, that now that we are aware of the countless opportunites available to us, we have to prepare ourselves so that when they come along that we are ready to take ahold of them. This is where your attitude plays a big role.
    Even if you have taken the first step and made yourself aware that opportunities are everywhere, if you have a negative attitude you will always make excuses on why everyone else can take ahold of these opportunities and you can’t.
    You will make excuses such as:

    - I don’t have the money
    - The timing isn’t right at the moment
    - I could never do that
    What you need to realise that the people who take their opportunities and run with it, could easily make the same excuses as you do – they just decide not too. There will always be excuses that you can make as why not to take an opportunity, what you need to do is put those excuses aside and focus on the reasons why you know you should take advantage of it!
  4. Action
    I’m sure you were already guessing this would be the final point, but the thing is that a lot of people even when they are aware of opportunities and start to anticipate these opportunities, taking check of their attitude to make sure they are ready – but they never take the action required.The only difference between you and any successful businessman, blogger, internet  marketer or who ever you look up it is the fact that when they were presented with an opportunity they took action! If the opportunity requires you to be more qualified – get more qualified. Take the required action to take advantage of the opportunity, but whatever you do, don’t let these actions become excuses that stop you!
I hope these steps will help you to not only find more opportunities but also to take advantage of them and see each opportunity you come in contact with count!