Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emmanuel F. Kumah:How to be Creative

Enhancing Creativity

 Have you ever wondered why others are tagged creative and others just follow the steps of creative people?
Well you are not alone, creativity has become one of the most sort after skills in the 21st century and creative individuals always stand out from the crowds despite the challenging circumstances.
Today, i have taken time to write about how individuals can increase their creativity as i receive various comments from my friends on how come am so creative ,and to help them develop their creative ability.

To create means to bring out something new or to bring into  the existence the formless or void. God in his infinite wisdom created the world by his words and he has induced that creative ability in us to make the world a better place.

Creativity is simply, finding new or improved ways of doing something.
For instance, a low-income family devises a plan to send their son to a leading university in the world.
A tomato seller find out ways to increase the number of his customers in a competitive environment, thus creative thinking.
Fortunately, most of us do not ask the questions that will keep them thinking. Creativity, is one of the most important ingredient to success and you need to be creative if you want to succeed.
These procedures, will help you enhance your creativity.

How to Improve your Creativity
This are the following tips i have you to enhance my creative ability and may prove beneficial to you:

Eagerly accept the opportunity to do more. It is a compliment to be asked to take on a new responsibility.Unfortunately most of us run away from responsibilities. Accepting greater responsibility on the job or a task makes you stand out, and shows that you’re more valuable. It makes you think and find out how to do a better job and to gain visibility.

The “How can I Do more?” question. When you ask yourself this question ,creative answers will gradually  come. Some of these answers may be better planning and organization of your present work or taking intelligent short cuts in your routine activities. In a quote , I chanced upon , it says, “the how to do it –always come to the person who believes he can” Asking how to do it, will re-energize your mind to find better and improve method of doing something. Try this; this would be worth millions to you.
Test your own views in the form of questions. Let other people help you smooth and polish your ideas. Use the What-do-you-think –of this-suggestion approach. Don’t be dogmatic. Don’t announce a fresh idea as if it were handed down on a gold tablet. Do a little informal research first.See how your associates react to it.If you do,chances are you will end up with a better idea.
Concentrate on what the other person says; listening is more than just keeping your own mouth shut.Listening means letting what is said penetrate your mind.So often people pretend to listen when they are not listening at all.They are just waiting for the other person to pause so they can take over with the talking.Concentrate on what the other person says.Evaluate it .That is how you collect mind food.

What Next?

So what else do you know about creativity, let me know by dropping me your comment i would be glad to read from you.