Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Second law of Gold

Hi, it is nice to know that you are following my article on the Five Laws of Gold, culled from the book, ‘The richest man In Babylon’. This book changed my view of  life after reading it sometime past  and l believe sharing the content with you would increase  your appetite to get a personal copy. Just walk into your local book store and ask for George S. Clason‘s  “ The Richest man in Babylon’. If you have already read  The Richest man  in Babylon,  then I believe you have come across The five Laws of Gold, would you  share your thoughts on my comment tab?
Hey friends, how did you find the first law of Gold? Well if you missed that post just check it out and let’s keep on talking. I would be sharing with you the second law out of the five laws of Gold, and remember this post is from the all time best “ The Richest man in Babylon”
Before I go on to the second law, know that the gold which you have saved can work for you and earn much more gold.
·        Gold Labors diligently and contendly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment multiplying even as the flocks of the field.
Money earn is more than a slave, it should work till it can work no more, if you regard the money you receive as a slave or a worker you would send it to the best market place or job that would bring you the greatest return .It is true that whilst the poor and the middle class work for money the rich on the other hand make money work for them. The Richest man in Babylon is  prescribing  that every money that we earn should be able to work for us  bringing us greater benefit, but this would only be possible if we find for it suitable  job where it can work.Most people are aware of this law and so when they receive a pay raise or  a bonus salary , they immediately channel  that money into another venture, the  issue is that , the owner of  the money sends it into a business  which he knows  nothing about and may only be recommended by friends or some guy  on the TV wearing a big coat and talking some jargons. Most people on getting a pay raise decides to make the money work for them, unfortunately, the kind of work the money is supposed  to do, is not know by the owner. For instance- a friend recommends  to him to trade in packaging sachet water , as it is a “hot” business in Ghana, funny enough the  owner has no dream of starting a sachet water producing business in Ghana,meaning  there is no knowledge of the business and there is no passion attached to it. He only wants to make money! Such  illustration is putting your hard earned money to  a work you have no experience in , the  risks are very high and even if you succeed; your passion to move on would eventually die out.
If we want our money to  work for us,  then, we must find it a suitable employment something we know the ‘ins” and “outs” or at least are willing to know the in and out, it is  through such means that the money would work diligently  and contentedly and in effect multiply even as the flock of the field.
Just know the money you earn from your job is a seed and like every seed it needs to be planted so that it fruits can be enjoyed over and over and over and over…….
What Next?
Is Your Turn, How has these information  been helpful to you ,is there any doubts you want clear or perhaps you have something to hear with the world, drop me your comment on  my facebook wall and don’t for get to follow my blog as we explore the other laws. Knowledge they say is power, however it becomes an effective power if it is applied. Do something Now! Thanks.

Monday, August 22, 2011


The Richest man In Babylon has become a modern inspirational classic and a must read book for all the wanna- be- millionaire. In his book, “The Richest man in Babylon” George S. Clason has demonstrated that wealth or money can be created and reading his book made me fall in love with a phrase which I would love to quote for you just to whet your appetite to continue reading this article.

From “The Richest Man in Babylon”, George said, ‘Wealth, like a tree, grows from a tiny seed. The first copper you save is the seed from which the tree of wealth shall grow sooner you plant that seed the sooner shall the tree grow.”
Today, I have decided to write a post from the “Richest man in Babylon.” The post talks about the five laws of GOLD, the Gold in his book can be substituted with Money. Each week , I would post one law of Gold, and I  believe the lessons shared in his book would challenge you t take control of your financial life, just know that you become free in life only if you become financially free.
 Are you ready to learn and apply these Five laws of Gold from the Richest Man in Babylon? Am sure you are, because you eyes are still glued to reading this post. Anyway let’s zoom down to learning!
·        Gold comes gladly and in increasing quantity to  any man who would put by not less than one tenths of his earnings to create an estate for his future and his family
George S. Clason believes that, if a man divides his earnings into ten equal part and keep one tenths of the earnings he can build for himself a house in the future irrespective of his current earning.
Many times when we receive our earnings from our labor we tend to spend all on ourselves and liabilities without thinking of the future, we ignorantly believe that because we labored for it we have to enjoy the fruit of our labor.We believe we have earned it, and it would be wise enough to spend all, as tomorrow would take care of its self when it comes.
However, if we put aside just one tenth of whatever earning we receive and then leave on the remaining ninth we could channel this small amount of money into an investment instrument. If we keep developing this attitude in our youthful age(20-25) when the demand on our earnings is not so much ,the one tenth we  save  would grow from a seed into a seedling  then finally becomes a tree of wealth in later years.
Money left in the hand of people well vest in the act of investing can grow exponentially over time because of the law of compounding. This means that if you develop the habit of leaving on the ninth of your salary whilst investing the remaining one tenth, then in 20 to 30 years time your money would have grown into a huge amount which can be used to start a building project to put a roof over your head. (If you want to know how this issue of how compounding work, drop me a comment and I would be glad to teach you the magic of compounding)
If this law really works, then why are so many working individuals who have past the age of 50 still leaving in a rented place? You have any clue I would love to hear your view.
What Next?
Have you been able to save one –tenth of your earnings? For how long have you been able to do that? Share with us the techniques you used. This then is the first law of Gold; follow me in my next post as I share with you the other four laws. Remember, it is not what you know but what you do with what you know that matters. Feel free to   share this article on facebook and other social networking sites. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the first law of Gold,drop me a comment and  let get talking. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Last month, I attended a conference organized by the British Council Ghana, christened the Fast Track. It was organized for the fresh, unemployed graduates and national service personnel in Ghana who would soon be hitting the streets of Ghana looking for white color jobs.
At the end of the seminar, I went into my little box trying to figure out why I don’t need to look for a job in Ghana, in other words I challenged my  brain to think of how  I can be an  entrepreneur  in Ghana and leave the  scanty jobs available to  the majority to struggle over.
You know, before you find out how to do something, it is always better to answer the WHY? before the HOW. So today, I have decided to write a post on why you need to be self employed if you are in Ghana and to encourage Ghanaian Graduates to develop the Entrepreneurial spirit and stop chasing for the limited jobs in Ghana. Interestingly, about 60,000 graduates come out of our various tertiary institutions each year but the number of jobs created in a year is less than 10. Have you now considered being  self employed?, if you are still not convinced, here are some reasons why I think you need to be self employed in Ghana

  • Money: If you become self employed you would work hard to have all the money you ever desire and would get time to spend the money with the people that matters most in your life. If you work for someone, the harder  or smarter you work the richer that individual becomes and he only pays you only a fraction of the money you have earned for him. Scripture says, God would bless the work of your hand, well , what if someone owns  the work of your hands?

  •      Time: Time is the most limited commodity in the 21st century, most people’s relationship and family is in the ruin because they go about  chasing for money. IF you are however self employed you would have the time to visit that family member who needs  those words of encouragement , and the time to visit those places  of interest without intimidation from your boss. Think about it?

   You are in Control; if your are self employed, you  are in control, you take control of your life and take responsibility for anything that happens. In other words you would stop the blame Game many Ghanaians are involved in.
What Next?
I believe a word to the wise is enough, let’s think of establishing our own business even whist we are in school and stop chasing for the limited jobs in Ghana. Let’s us create our own world and frame our world by our words. The one who believes is possible always achieve their dreams. Remember whatever the mind conceive and believe it can achieve.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Becoming a Millionaire in Ghana

A Friend and I were discussing a topic which I find very interesting, not only was it informative it  also set me thinking. Thinking about how to retire young and retire rich in  Ghana, my beloved country. A country once called the Gold Coast because you literally pick up Gold when you take a walk on the shores of the sea, interesting, isn’t it? So what happened to the supposed Gold on the coast of my country, Ghana? Well, help me if you know the answer.
After, the interaction with this pal of mine, I have decided to write a post on how you can become a millionaire in Ghana. I have heard many young Ghanaians debating about  who the richest man in Ghana is,hmmm, for  me I know Aliko Dangote is the richest African on the Earth and probably also the richest black person in the world, a position occupied by Opera Winnefery.  So,  who, is the Richest man in Ghana? Well, that is not the main topic for my post today. But if you know the answer feel free to leave me with your comment.
How Do you Become a Millionaire in Ghana?
Many people belief becoming a millionaire is a matter of luck ,for me I beg to differ. Becoming a millionaire in Ghana is simple but require smart effort and lot of patience. You plant the seed of greatness early in life and have to wait patiently for year to enjoy its fruit over and over again.
So , what is the starting point for becoming a Millionaire?
Resolve today that you are going to save and invest at least 10 percent of your income throughout your working life. Take 10 percent of your income off the top of each paycheck each time you receive one and put it into a special account for financial accumulation. The fact is that if you save just $100 or at least $10 per month throughout your working lifetime and you invest that money in an average mutual fund that grows at 10 percent per annum, you will be worth more than one million dollars by the time you retire at the age 65. This means that anyone, even a person earning minimum wage, if he or she starts early enough and saves long enough, can become a millionaire over the course of his or her working lifetime. It is expected that every young Ghanaian begin  to start earning money for a living at the age of 25 at most,that is if you complete a tertiary institution in Ghana. From age 25 when you start earning  to age 65 when you retire is 40 years. Believe me, if you put aside 10 percent of your income from that age till you retire and do it consistently, you may not be the Aliko Dangote of our time, but you would definitely be enjoying life after retiring.
Developing the lifelong habit of saving and investing your money is not easy. It requires tremendous determination and willpower. You have to set it as a goal, write it down, make a savings plan, and work on it all the time, But once this practice locks in and becomes automatic, your financial success is virtually assured.
Why Do many  a Ghanaian  Retire Poor?
A major reason that people retire poor is because of impulse buying. They see something they like and they buy it with very little thought. They become victims of what is called “Parkinson’s Law,” which says that “expenses rise to meet income.” This means that no matter how much you earn, you tend to spend that much and a little bit more besides.What that means is that,if there is an increase in salary, the average Ghanaian would increase his expenses so he can enjoy a “better” life, keeping up with the Jones.
But you don’t have to be a victim of Parkinson’s Law. If you cannot save 10 percent of your income, start today by saving 1 percent of your income in a special savings or investment account. Put it away at the beginning of each month, even before you begin paying down your debts. Live on the other 99 percent of your income. As you become comfortable living on 99 percent, raise your savings level to 2 percent of your income, then 3 percent and 4 percent, and so on. Create a
savings plan that you are comfortable with and then commit to it.
What Next?
So who is the richest Ghanaian? Do you have any clue? Do you also have any money tips or saving techniques that have worked for you? If so, please leave a comment below with strategies that you have successfully used to save and invest money I would love to hear from you.

Monday, August 15, 2011


When I wrote on my facebook profile that I am a blogger, I got many comments from my friends who were at sea as to whom a blogger is and what blogging is all about. It looked weird to them! Most Ghanaians have never heard of blogging or what a business blog can do for them,so today I decided to write on the benefits of a high quality blog and why every business in Ghana should at least have a blog.  I must confess, I read a lot of articles from Ghanaian Bloggers and their posts are very impressive, what is left is to form an active community of Ghanaian Bloggers to brand Ghana online! What do you think?

What is a Blog?
Well, if you do not know what a blog or blogging is, blog or weblog is just a platform where you published articles online on a product you are offering or a service you want to deliver. It also is the art of writing regularly on topic or field of interest with the view of sharing them with your audience or people in the same niche. This means you can blog on anything, football,arts, Ghanaian entertainment Industry, Ghanaian history and culture, Ghanaian businesses or just anything Ghana or a passion you have in a chosen field.

What do you need to be Blogger?

All that is required to get started in the blogging community is good communication skill, a flair for writing and a computer with internet connection.
If you are a business who wants an online presence, maybe you should consider  creating a blog and start posting on it. Well, if you do not know how it is done, or need an expert to handle those needs, just call THE THINKERS' INK and we would do that for you free of charge.

Benefit of A Blog

So what are the benefits of having a blog? Or what benefit does your company derive if it embeds a blog in their website or just simply create a blog on any blogging platform?

  • Search-engine Friendly
Blogs get indexed and ranked in search engines faster than static HTML sites. One way to increase the traffic to your business website is to add a blog.
  • Interactivity
Because a blog has many features that allow your readers to interact with you and with each other, a blog is an effective tool for building a community of like-minded individuals who are all interested in your field. They make the ideal prospects, because they’re already tuned into you.
  • Share-ability
Blogs have functionalities that make it very easy for you and your readers to share links to your blog posts. For example, you could link your blog’s RSS feed to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Your readers could share the link to your blog post with a click of a button.
This makes it much easier for you to reach new audiences and tap into other people’s social networks.
  • Easy to Use and Customize
Most blogging platforms, such as WordPress, are much easier to use than plain HTML site builders. They come in templates that look good and have plenty of features right out of the box. At the same time, some templates are fairly easy to customize, even for those of us who don’t know any coding. Blogs have made web masters obsolete.
  • Multimedia
It’s also easy to add multimedia elements to a blog. These may include photo galleries or slideshows, audio recordings, and video. You can display your Flickr or Facebook albums automatically on your blog. You can also easily embed YouTube videos — yours or other people’s — into your blog.
  • Inexpensive
You can get a blog up and running for under $10 a month, at The Thinkers’ Ink for writing contents for your blog ,that is if you need a good web content writer or are too busy to write. You can no longer make the excuse that you can’t afford a blog.
  • Authority
A good blog will help establish you as an authority in your field. What better way to demonstrate your expertise in a subject than to publish content-rich articles on your blog regularly for months or even years.
  •  Opportunities
An established blog will attract plenty of potential partners and other opportunities for you. These may include advertisers, joint venture partners, speaking engagements and other opportunities to reach other people’s audiences, and even paid consultancies and gigs.

 What Next?
To you want to build credibility and authority in your chosen field? Or perhaps you have created a blog and need someone to write content-rich articles for you? Contact THE THINKERS' INK and we would help take your business to the next level. The Thinkers’ Ink, Thinking Solutions, Transforming Generations.