Monday, October 25, 2010

emmanuelkumah: Rules of "The Money Game": 3 and 4

In my first post on the rules of the money game , we dealt with the rule 1 and 2 that is Paying yourself first and saving what you have payed yourself. Hope you where inspired by it. Well as i have already said, money is a game and those who knows the rules win the game with easy. Without knowing the rules of the game of money  you would spend years playing the same game but never winning, how frustrating!
I would love to continue with the rest of the rules of the game called money, would you want to know more? Then relax and enjoy the game of  MONEY


Rule 3: Develop Life long Habit of Saving.
In this rule ,you would have to grow and develop a habit  of  saving all the 10th of the money you have payed yourself in a selected mutual fund, depending on your financial needs.You should begin by asking this question: What is the purpose of the money you want? Answering this question would help you know where to channel the money you have saved into.
I must confers developing the lifelong habit of saving and investing your money is not easy. It requires tremendous determination and willpower you should also do a due diligence about the company you are investing you hard earned money seed-cause the reward you get from working is not a fruit of your labor but the seed ,for it will  grow into a money forest if planted well. You have to set it as a goal, write it down, make a plan, and work on it all the time. But once this practice locks in and becomes automatic, your financial success is virtually assured. Ready to develop a positive habit of saving and investing the saved money?

  Rule 4: Practice Frugality,frugality,frugality!
Practice frugality, frugality, frugality in all things. Be very careful with every penny you spend. Question every expenditure. Delay or defer important buying decisions for at least a week, if not a month this is important because the longer you put off making a buying decision, the better your decision will be and the better price you will get at that time,learn how to buy stuffs when they are not in season as the price would be very high when in season. Do not buy stuffs in bits ,buy in bulk-cause this would help you save much money and channel you time in a productive activity.If you are able to have a discount on a purchase ,keep it in a saving jar until the drops of coins becomes great money seeds to be grown on a fertile soil. Did you get that! Don't eat your eggs before they get hatched.

 What Next? Is your Turn:
So how are you coping with the game,are you getting the rules well? Don't worry at first it may seems difficult but keep on enjoying the game. I would like to hear from you,so feel free to drop a comment and share this with your friends on other social networks. See You Soon

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Emmanuelkumah:The Rules of the Money Game

Have you ever woken up one day only to realise their is no money on you? Did you ever wondered what that money was used for? Well ,you are not alone , soo many people get alot of money from their job only to wake up to find out that the bag of money has dissappeared within a day.
Well my friend, money has wings and so when you misteats  it,it  would quiclky fly away from you.Money is a defense and would bring you much joy if you know its rules, it is often said that money is a game and those who knows the rule always wins.
Do you want to know the rules of the  money game? Then you are not alone in this money crazy world. Today ,i would be sharing with you the some of  rules of the Money game,and know that it is the rules that makes the game, you only wins when you go according to the game, as you apply them you would feel confident and much prepared to face the future.Are you ready to know the Rules?

The Rules of the Money Game
Rule One (1): PAY Yourself FIRST: IT is not how much money you make that matters, it is how much you keep. Most people pay all their debts when they recieve their paycheck, they pay their light and utility bills and children fees and even spend more than they earn , without paying the most important client :You, resolve today that you are going to save an invest at least 10 percent of your income throughout your working life,the remaining 90 percent may be all yours to spend,but remember to keep one tenth of every money you earn, know that the money you earn is not a fruit  but it is a seed,saving 10 percent of your money would help grow the money seed into a money tree one day. Take 10 percent of your income off the top of your paycheck each time you receive one and put it into a special account for financial accumulation.It is that simple , do it and let me know the outcome ok!

Rule Two(2):Save Throughout Your Career:  What then do you do with the 10 percent you have payed your self? The fact is that if you save just $100 a month throughout your working lifetime and you invest money in an average mutual fund that grows at 10 percent per annum, you will be worth more than one million dollars by the time you retire. This means that anyone, even a person earning minimum wage, if he or she starts early enough and saves long enough, can become a millionaire over the course of his or her working lifetime.You should then develop the habit of putting all the money you pay yourself down,channel it into a saving account for some time, do not consume the seeds of the fruit now.Developing the habit of saving is a sure way to financial indepence and freedom, you would also have the time to do the things you enjoy most in life as the seed of money you are planting would be germinating and oneday then into a tree,with so many fruits to enjoy.Good habits are hard to form but when done consistently,they can transform into a marvelus life.Are you ready to develop the habit of savings?
The money game has just begun,do not sit on the fence,tell your friends to get on board by sharing it on other social networks like facebook, it may transform someone. Be sure to visit this blog as we continue with the other rules of the Game, and you would be transformed.Thanks

Monday, October 4, 2010

Personal Development: The Melancholic Temperament

Do you know that ,you temperament can influence the kind of job you could do?
And do you really know your temperament as an individual or you still doing the guess work? Well today, i was talking to a friend who wanted to take up a job as a sales person which is predominantly taking over by the sanguine temperament, so we ended up discussing the major temperaments and their strength and weakness of those temperaments. You can check my other postings on the distinction between character ,personality and temperaments.
Let's get going and deal with the melancholic temperament.
Melancholy,I would tell you about this temperament in a few minutes. Are you ready
What is the Melancholic temperament?
Melancholy is often the known as the “black” or “dark” temperament.
Actually he is the richest of all the temperaments, for he is an analytical, self sacrificing, gifted, perfectionist type,with a very sensitive emotional nature.No one gets more enjoyment from the fine arts than the Melancholy. Do you enjoy the fine arts-painting, dancing , sketching? Then you may be a melancholy
Melancholy is prone to be introvert by nature,but since his feelings predominate ,he is given over a variety of moods.Sometimes his mood will lift him to heights of ecstasy that cause him to act more extrovertish.However, at other times he will be gloomy and depressed; during these periods he is withdrawn and can be quite antagonistic.
Does a Melancholy easily make Friends?
Melancholy is a very faithful friend,but ,unlike the Sanguine, he does not make friends easily, he will not push himself forward to meet people but lets people come to him. He most a time with drawn when he or she attends any occasion and would not take the step in meeting you, Does these describe you?
If yes, What Carriers would be best for you?
Careers of Melancholy
Most of the world’s greatest   -composers,artists,musicians,inventors,philosophers,theoreticians,theologians,scientists ,and dedicated educators have been predominantly Melancholies.
One vocation that would attract the melancholy,surprisingly enough ,is acting,even though we tend to identify this profession with extroverts.
Any vocation that requires perfection,self sacrifice,and creativity is open to Melancholies,But they tend to place self-imposed limitations on their potential by underestimating themselves and exaggerating obstacles.
  What Next? Is your Turn
Now that you have learnt a little about the melancholic temperament do a self analysis and see if it fits you.Let me also hear from you how did you find the information, drop me a comment. You are free to share this info with your friends on most of the social networks. Follow me on facebook and twitter and let's get going. Thanks
See you soon, hope you have enjoyed discovering your temperament