Friday, February 26, 2010


Building Self confidence
Obviously , many people I have come across lack self confidence.
Because of this, so many people do not achieve what they want in life, they always talk low about themselves and feel the other person is way ahead of him or her or is more intelligent then He or she is.
Below are five self confidence building exercise, don’t just read it, but put into action these steps and see your life transformed.
Be a front seater.Ever notice in meeting-classrooms,churches and other assemblies how the back seats fill up first? Most folks scramble to sit in the back rows so they won’t be “too conspicuous.” The reason being that, they lack self confidence.
From his book, The magic of thinking Big, he prescribe sitting up front in every meeting, this will build self confidence and make you conspicuous , because it paves way for your success in life
Practise Making Eye Contact: How a person uses his eyes tells us a lot about him, when you use your eyes to make contact with everybody you speak with, it shows you are confidence and have nothing to hide. Usually, failure to make eye contact says one of the two things. It may say,”I feel weak beside you.” Or avoiding another person’s eye may say, “I feel guilty.” The eyes are the mirror to your soul, so give the next person your eyes to use, this help them get into the message you want to communicate to him or her.
Walk 25 percent faster; Psychologist s link slovenly postures and sluggish walking to unpleasant attitudes toward oneself,work and people around us.However, you can actually change your attitude by changing your posture and speed of movement.Walking faster tells the world , you’ve got someplace important to go, something important to do .So walk faster, and you will move faster towards your goal.
Smile: In his book How to win friends and Influence people, Carnegie said “ the smile one wears on the face is better than the cloth one wears on the back, “ Smiling therefore ,is one of the excellent medicine for confidence deficiency, so next time you meet a person ,that you feel is superior than you are, don’t look down on yourself smile till all your teeth shows. This shows How confident you are.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

From his book ,RICH DAD'S GUIDE TO INVESTING, he explained the types of investors for his readers, i strongly believe reading this excerpts is worth a month's study of books.

The Accredited Investor
The accredited investor is someone with high income or high net worth. I
knew I could not qualify as an accredited investor.
A long-term investor who has chosen to invest for security and comfort may
very well qualify as an accredited investor. There are many Es and Ss who are
very content with their financial position. They recognized early on the need to
provide for their financial future through the I quadrant and adopted a plan for
investing with their income earned as Es and Ss. Their financial plans, whether to
be secure or comfortable, have been met.
In CASHFLOW Quadrant, we discussed this “two-legged” approach to
building financial security. I applaud these individuals for their foresight and
discipline in developing a financial plan and providing for their financial future.
For them, the path I took will sound like either an impossible mission or a lot of
hard work.
There are also many highly paid Es and Ss who qualify as accredited investors
based on their income alone.
If you can qualify as an accredited investor, you will have access to
investments that most people do not. To be successful in choosing your
investments, however, you still need financial education. If you choose not to
invest your time in your financial education, you should turn your money over to
competent financial advisors who can assist you with your investment decisions.

Aa a statistic of interest, in America today there are reportedly just 6 million
people who meet the qualifications of an Accredited Investor. In a country of
approximately 250 million people, and if this number is true, then there are only
2.4% of the population that meet this minimum requirement. If this statistic is true,
then there are even fewer people who will meet the following levels of investors.
This means there are many unqualified investors investing in high risk speculative
investments they should not be investing in.
Again, the SEC definition of an Accredited Investor today is:
1. $200,000 or more annual income for an individual
2. $300,000 or more for a couple, or
3. 1 million dollars net worth.
Realizing that there are only 6 million people who qualify as Accredited
Investors indicates to me that working hard for money is a very difficult way to
qualify to invest in the investments of the rich. As I sit and ponder the idea of
needing a $200,000 minimum income, I realize that my dad, the person I call my
poor dad, would never have come close to qualifying, no matter how hard he
worked and how many pay raises his government job provided.
If you have played CASHFLOW 101, you may note that the Fast Track of the
game is the track that represents where the Accredited Investor meets the minimum
requirements as an investor. In other words, technically, less than 2.4% of the U.S.
population meets the requirements to invest in the investments found on the
game’s Fast Track. That means 97% of the population invests in the Rat Race.
The Qualified Investor
The qualified investor understands how to analyze publicly traded stock. This
investor would be considered an “outside” investor as opposed to an “inside”
investor. Generally, qualified investors include stock traders and analysts.
The Sophisticated Investor
The sophisticated investor typically has all three of rich dad’s “three Es.” Education, Experience and Extra Cash.In
addition, the sophisticated investor understands the world of investing. He or she
utilizes the tax, corporate, and securities laws to maximize both earnings and to
protect the underlying capital.
If you want to become a successful investor but do not wish to build your own
business to do so, your goal should be to become a sophisticated investor.

From the sophisticated investor on, these investors know that there are two
sides of the coin. They know that on one side of the coin, the world is a world of
black and white and they also know that the other side of the coin is a world of
different shades of gray. It is a world where you definitely do not want to do
things on your own. On the black and white side of the coin, some investors can
invest on their own. On the gray side of the coin, an investor must enter with their
The Inside Investor
To build a successful business is the goal of the inside investor. The business
may be a single piece of rental real estate or a multi-million-dollar retail company.
A successful B knows how to create and build assets. Rich dad would say,
“The rich invent money. After you learn to make your first million, the next ten
will be easy.”
A successful B will also learn the skills needed to analyze companies for
investment from the outside. Therefore, a successful inside investor can learn to
become a successful sophisticated investor.
The Ultimate Investor
To become the selling shareholder is the goal of the ultimate investor. The
ultimate investor owns a successful business in which he or she sells ownership
interest to the public; hence, he or she is a selling shareholder. This is my goal.
Although I have not achieved it yet, I continue to educate myself and learn from
my experiences, and I have committed to doing so until I can become a selling
Which Investor do you want to be

Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

For rich dad ,it is not enough just to invest , you should know the Basic rule of investing.I believe this excerpts will help you Know ,where and How to Invest.


Basic Rule Number One
“Investment basic rule number one,” said rich dad, “is to always know what
kind of income you are working for.

For years, rich dad had always said to Mike and me that there were three
different kinds of income:
Earned Income: income generally derived from a job or some form
of labor. In its most common form, it is income from a paycheck. It
is also the highest-taxed income, so it is the hardest income with
which to build wealth. When you say to a child, “Get a good job,”
you are advising the child to work for earned income.

Portfolio Income: income generally derived from paper assets such
as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
Portfolio income is by far the
most popular form of investment income, simply because paper
assets are so much easier to manage and maintain than any others.

Passive Income: income generally derived from real estate. It can
also be income derived from royalties from patents or license
agreements. Yet approximately 80% of the time, passive income is
from real estate.

which type of income do you Have , and are working for.