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Temperaments:Identifying the Sanguine

Hi there, thank you for wanting to know more about your temperament , in my last post i defined what Temperament is, and the differences in temperaments. Today , i would love to talk about the sanguine , an interesting Temperament type, before proceeding let me mention that no one Temperament is better than another, each contains strengths and richness, yet each is fraught with its own weakness and dangers So whether you are a Sanguine, Phlegmatic,Choleric or Melancholic ,do not feel said when you get to know your weakness.

Today, we would be looking at the Sanguine, this is an Interesting Temperament as I posses a little percentage of it. Now the Sanguine:

Who is a Sanguine?
Have you ever wondered what this kind of Temperament is ? Sanguine is the warm, buoyant ,lively and fun loving temperament.The sanguine is receptive by nature, and external impressions easily find their way to his heart,where they readily cause an outburst of response.Feelings rather than reflective thoughts predominate to form his decisions.
Sanguine’s have an unusual capacity to enjoy himself and usually passes his hearty outgoing nature,when he comes to room of people, he has a tendency to lift the spirits of everyone present by his exuberant flow of conversation. Because of his out going nature and full of life,a sanguine might forget his resolutions,appointments and obligations.Invite a sanguine to an important meeting and you would have to remind him, every second so as not to forget.A sanguine is talkative by nature and would converse with friends all day till he remembers what he was suppose to be doing.
Sanguine s do not like solitude but enjoys people and is at his best surrounded by friends, where he is the life of the party, as already mentioned a sanguine is never at loss for words, though he often speaks without thinking.

Careers of Sanguine ,What is Best for A Sanguine?

If you care to know your temperaments say a lot about the kind of careers you should choose, if you choose a career meant for melancholics you would never enjoy, every single minute of work.
So what career do you think a sanguine would be best in?
They usually make excellent salespeople and more than other groups seem attracted to that profession.
If you ever want to watch a sanguine in action ,just visit your local used-car dealer.About two-thirds of his sales reps seem to be Sanguine s because it involves talking to convince a prospective car buyer.
In addition to being good at sales,Sanguines make excellent actors,entertainers and outstanding master of ceremonies and auctioneers, never make the mistake of inviting a melancholic to be the MC of  your wedding ceremony he would drive all the visitors out, but a sanguine would make the laugh till thy loose their teeth  and sometimes  they make excellent leaders ( if properly blended with another temperament).
Now that you have identified your temperament , get to know that every temperaments have strengths as well as weakness work on the positives and overcome the negatives.
i would be posting on the other types of temperaments so please keep inform.

In conclusion,Sanguines should choose careers that allow them extensive exposure to people , since their chief contribution to life lies in making other people happy.

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Distinction between Temperament, Character and Personality.
For years the word Temperaments have been misused and misunderstood, an today i would love us to learn the distinction between Temperament, Character and Personality.Well, believe it or not  your temperament can help you in the type of careers you should choose,i would therefore identify  to you  the various types of temperaments we have and get to help you know which one you are.

Some are Sanguines, others are Phlegmatic, each Temperament have its own strength and weakness and is my job to let you know which one you are.
But before ,getting to know the various types of Temperaments , we would distinguish between Temperament ,.Character and Personality, don't be confuse they are all not the same.

This article would help you know more about Temperaments and where it originate from
What is Temperament?
Temperament is the combination of inborn traits that subconsciously affect all our behavior.These traits, which are passed on by our genes, are based on hereditary factors and are arranged at the time of conception. Six people contribute through the gene pool to makeup of every baby; two parents and four grandparents.The alignment of temperament traits, though unseen, is just as predictable as the color of eyes,hair or the size of the body.
It is a person’s temperament that makes that person outgoing and extrovertish or shy and introvert.
It is temperament that makes some people art or music enthusiasts, while others are sports or industry minded.

Now that you know temperaments are inborn traits let us go further to explain what Character is

what then is Character, you may ask, is your character different from your Temperaments?
Character is the real you.It is the results of the natural temperament modified by childhood training,education and basic attitudes, beliefs, principles, and motivations.It is sometimes referred to as “the soul “ of a person ,which is made up of the mind, emotions and will.Character combines your temperament, training, moral values,beliefs and habit patterns.It is what you do when you have the freedom to do what you want to do,an expression of yourself.To sum it up, it is what you do when there is no one else around 
If character is what you do when there is no one else around you, what then is your Personality?

Now the final quest is to define what personality is
Personality is the outward expression of oneself,which may or may not be the same as a person’s character,depending on how genuine that person is. Often personality is a pleasing facade for an unpleasant or weak character.Many are acting a part today on the basis of what they think they should be as a person,rather than what they really are.

In summary, temperament is the combination of traits we were born with; character is our “civilized” temperament and personality is the face we show to others.
Take a journey with me as we explore the Sanguine a very fine Temperament.

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Credit Spirit Controlled Temperament, Tim Lahaye