Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12 principles of winning friends and influencing people

• Don’t criticize ,condemn or complain
• Give honest and sincere appreciation
• Arouse in the other person an eager want
• Become genuinely interested in other people
• Smile
• Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language
• Be a good listener ,encourage others to talk about themselves
• Talk in terms of the other person’s interest
• Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely
• The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it
• Show respects for the other person’s opinions.Never say “you are wrong.”
• If you are wrong admit it quickly and emphatically


I entered into a shopping mall one lovely, Friday afternoon, to get some washing powder for my clothes during the weekend. I stood in front of these varieties of washing powder and was confused,simple because I did not know what to go for, till finally I settled for one.
What did you think made me confuse? You are right; there were so many brands of washing powder I did not know what to go for. How then did I settle for one? The answer, the way it was package.
So you see, just like the washing powder I settled for, you are also a BRAND, who will go for you?
Personal branding describe the process by which individuals and entrepreneurs distinguish themselves and stand out from a crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition, whether personal or professional ,and then leveraging it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal.
It enables individuals build self confidence and credibility ,enhance their recognition in their field and makes you sell yourself on every available platform.
Tips on Personal Branding:
• Build a strong self esteem be confidence about yourself and want you do,talk as if you have achieved the things you purposed for.
Have a Destination:
Always make avenues for people to reach you without much struggle, to know you and what you are about, offer to give people your email address, your complimentary card, have a face book account,or blogger account and join other social networks.
Be innovative:
In a world where every body may be doing the same thing, the person who breaks the trends is the king of the day, come out with new things all the time, use your brain power think outside the box and be inventive .
Learn a New Language:
I once watch an interview of an Italian immigrant in Ghana, who has been in the country for only a month but can speak the twi, the most popular local dialect which even most Ghanaians cann’t speak. There and then , I became glued to my set listening to every bit of word He will say.
In this 21st century it is suicidal to rest on one language thinking you can make it big everywhere, if possible take course in languages you would want to master in order to gain visibility.
Learn a New skills
In this world of information technology you need to be abreast with computing and know at least one programming language , the world is now a global village and as the golden rule says;”he who makes the gold rule.” Make the precious gold now ,be excellent in a musical instrument , learn how to swim and the way to the top would be a smooth one.
Build and learn constantly
The more you build your personal ability ,the more your brand can offer.Learn from all the sources that matter
Read great self help books,listen to motivational messages ,learn how to absorb information that matter to what you are passionate about and memorize information most people would likely forget

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Creating a picture, imagine that your life is perfect in everyway, imagine that you have become the top class artist you thought of, What will it be like, where would you be living , what would you be doing now?
You need to create a picture of what you want in life , without regard to the present circumstance, remove the boundary around you by creating a picture of yourself.
Do you desire to be a lawyer, picture each day of your life, especially in the morning hours as the most accomplished lawyer, picture your self winning all the case, and working happily
With all your energy, hold this thought form of your self until it sinks into your subconscious mind, you will then begin to manifest yourself from within, developing your carrier inside out.
As you create this picture of yourself the thought-form grows more definite and habitual in your mind, the creative energies, both within and without are set at work.
Do not pay attention to the advice or suggestions of those around you; do not believe that any one can know what is better than yourself, you've got the power.
Whiles growing up, I still picture how eagerly we dreamt of becoming the characters we see on television I recall how hurriedly we would run to the top of a hill
claiming to be Superman or Captain planet, and the great heroes in those motion pictures, that is the power of imagination, the law of visualization, applied over and over by accomplished
Personality in any field of work. Still not convinced, then read the success stories of others:
Professor ALLOTEY, a mathematical physicist, in Ghana working with NASA,in an interview said ,
he use to visit his father's book shop and can recollected how as a child was inspired by discoveries and works from Albert EINSTIEN, and Isaac Newton and right then, he begun dreaming of becoming a great mathematician and
Physicists, now that mental picture in the early years has been materialised.You can also be there just hold that great picture constantly in your mind.
A friend of mine, said he recollected, how he pictured working for a particular bank after his university education, and was surprised, everything he pictured materialize ,just after school. What a dream come true.
Close your eyes to adverse suggestion never mind if people call you a fool or a dreamer.They did the same to JOSEPH ,Jacobs cherished son, but he never cancelled his dream ,you should do the same.


The simplicity of this law is "THOUGHT ARE THINGS”. Should the world be likened to a maze ,finding your way out of the maze would be very difficult until you begin to think of the numerous ways that may be out ,there should be a process of conscious thought to get out of the confused maze.
Now that the picture is a bit clearer, all what I am driving at is that, you cannot be classified as successful without the seed of thought in you. For a moment THINK about where you would want to be in five years time, what would you be doing? Where would you be? As you begin thinking about such things you are unconsciously, paving and creating way for the realization of your goals,
Remember,” As a man thinketh so is he”, think your future through, buy your future with the seed of thought, awaken the genius that lies within, you never know what may be the latent power asleep there.
I have you in mind, as I write, thinking about what you may love to read and I know you are still glued to reading because you know you would benefit a lot , just by the way.
Well my dear friend ,”You are what you think you are,” as a plant springs forth and could not be without a seed ,so every act of man spring forth from the hidden seed of thought, you need to think actively on what you want to achieve until you achieve it ,no individual wakes up one day and see that he has achieve all his goals , even if you have a genie in the Aladdin’s lamp ,you need to have a wish, or a dream before you make a dream come true and that is where the power of thought come in; think about it , what do you really want in this life?
I have not reached the apex of what I view as successful living ,but I have thought of it and so should you be ,think big ,for there is magic in thinking big, however ,until these thoughts are linked with definite of purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment, so there is a stage of planning to achieve those thoughts and you will discover that as you read on .
Then one may say, "I have greater dreams, but there is no money to help me realize this dream".
Well done my friend, poverty is not a bar to greatness, for poverty can be removed, the only thing worth going after is common sense not copper cents fix your dreams in your mind and you will realize it.
Haven read biographies of successful individuals, I realize most were in a state of poverty before they could realize their dreams, Martin Luther as a child, use to sing on the street for bread, Abraham Lincoln was a poor boy the son of a farmer, James Watt was a sickly and could not be sent to school, and so are the many individuals who have risen up out of their misery, because they thought their way out to success.
This brings me back to the story of creation, when our maker began the creation of the world, He didn't wake up one lovely morning and decided to create the wonderful world we live in , no , he thought of it first, he continuously impressed his mind on the formless substance before it took on form and made the world we live in ,so should you be ,be the imitator of God. Where there is thought there must be a substance that thinks, thought cannot be function for function is motion and is impossible for motion to think, thought cannot be vibrations, for mere vibrations are motion and is not possible for vibration to think.
Motion is nothing but the movement of substance, if there be any show of intelligence it must be in the substance but not in the motion, the substance does the thinking and, You, are that substance begin to think and move.

Remember, my dear friend , whatever is formed in thoughts and held as a thought-form must come into existence as the so called material form a thought from that is constantly held in visible form would eventually materialize, you would internally take the form in which you think of yourself; you would then begin to surround yourself with the visible forms of those things you associate in your thoughts.


Most people in the search for a successful living, skip what I believe should be the first point of contact, “THE LAW OF MIND TRANSFORMATION"
Dear reader , in order to find the road map to successful living in any aspect of your life ,there should first be a mind transformation or renewal of the mind-man's greatest asset.
As the Good book puts it, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.”, Roman 12:2. You need to accept that, like a piece of land ,your mind has accumulated so many "weeds “which need to be cleared and disposed far out of reach, before any good thought can be allowed to settle on it.
In your growing up, you have probably heard more discouraging words and have accepted people’s opinion about you, you have built a tall wall of Jericho before you, so have become short sighted to the wonderful opportunities ahead of you. YOU LOOK up and the only thing you perceive is this tall wall of failure and self defeat, so I say unto you, you need a mind transformation before you begin to climb the tall ladder of success.
You dream of becoming the top class consultant in your field, the top class engineer, and the accomplished preacher, the list goes on and on, the ladder to success has been leaned on a shaking and undependable mind, don’t climb now, get a stronger and firm mind before you start climbing.
As the James Allen, the author of "THINK AND GROW RICH" says,’ Man’s mind may be likened to a garden which may be cultivated intelligently, or allowed to run wild, but whether cultivated or neglected it must and will bring forth."
Some individual in their quest for success face what I describe as the "heredity syndrome”, there is no such thing as a fixed mental position, irrespective of what mental thought our parents passed unto us ,we have a course to change it, perhaps you have inherited undesirable mental capabilities ,you can change it by the renewal of mind ,you have the tendency to grow forth, substitute what has been impressed on your mind by your parents with positive affirmations, energize your subconscious mind.
You have heard or seen evidence of what the inabilities in your family, as so you feel you are incapable, some have even called you names, suggesting, You are good for nothing, or are a dull individual and not like the rest. Your friends tease at you, anytime you try doing something new. I also felt the same, until I renewed and viewed life the way God created it to be, it's your time to do the same.
The proper use of the mind will build a brain capable of doing what the mind wants to do and so I say you need a mind transformation. WALLACE WATTLE once said, “the brain does not make the man, the man makes the brain."


Have you ever wondered why some people easily succeed and get along with whatever they do whilst ,you still struggle to find your rhythm to life’s beat?
God designed each of us so there is no duplication in the world ,no one else on earth would be able to play the role God planned for you, the only person capable of such a task is You and it begins by identifying your SHAPE.
S-Spiritual Gift

Fortunately God has given every believer spiritual gift to be used in serving him; for some it may be the gift of sharing the word of God, some operates very well in the working of miracles, some have the gift of knowledge,you have have a gift of encouraging or motivating others .The reason you are not operating in your gift is that you have not yet identified it , you need to find your place of anointing and operate effectively in it, in order to be effective in serving God ,you should not be the Jack of all trade ,doing all you feel fit for you to gain approval or to be honored.You have a gift to operate effectively in find it out.
What do you love to do, what can you dedicate all your time to and never feel bored or hungry, what drive your life? In answering this entire questions you would begin to know what you are passionate about and then dedicate your time in developing those passions.
Your heart reveal the real you, what you truly are, not what others think about you or what circumstances tells you now. It is amazing that no two individuals have the same heart beat, likewise God has given us emotional heart beat to function properly, this heart beat energizes whenever we think about the topics that interest us, our dream carrier, our visions and the way we view life to be in the coming year,it is an indication of where to shift your attention and focus to.
To focus is to Follow One Course Untill Success .This will help you live a more fulfilling life, if you are passionate about music, develop yourself in that line, get a vocal coach and learn the dynamics of music. You may be interested in fashion design, no need to reinvent the wheels get glued to someone who have succeeded in that line get a Mentor to prevent you from trial and error , and the more you get exposed to these things or hear some one say something about it, the more your heart beat faster and you aspire to fufill that dream .It is all in your heart, life should be lived with a purpose don’t spend your time doing something or studying a course you don’t love or have a passion for .

Monday, October 5, 2009

Who Moved My Cheese

I just finished reading the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”, and I believe you would be challenged when the lessons it contains is shared with you.
I know , you may be wondering what it’s all about , but believe me , you need to read it by yourself, well, to save you a little time: It is about changes that took place in a maze, when four characters went searching for “cheese”, cheese here may represent anything ,you are looking for in life, be it a relationship, a new job , an exciting carrier or spiritual peace and self fufilment.
The four characters went roaming around the confused maze, just to find a cheese to live on , after living on period of hunger and searching in vain , they finally found the cheese.
What then , happens , they relaxed and enjoyed the cheese and never thought of looking further, till one day , they came to a realization that , their wonderful piece of cheese , was getting smaller.Not at all moved by the diminish in the size of cheese daily, they enjoyed every piece of it.
One lovely morning, they woke up, just to find that , the cheese was no more.”Who moved our cheese?” they wondered. Two of the friends quickly came to a realization that the cheese was no more and begun immediately to search for new cheese in the confused maze.
The other two waited patiently for days, hoping the cheese would be brought back, the more they waited the more the reality of the cheese never coming back became vivid. Finally, one decided to go search for new cheese, however, the other was afraid they won’t find one and even die on their way in this huge maze. To the one who moved on, what lies ahead may be unseen, but there is no need crying over spilt milk and as he journeyed through life in the maze, he wrote this little words on the walls to encourage him, and also hoping if his friend would change his mind would find solicit as he reads this words and moves on.
“If you do not change you become extinct.”
 “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
 “Smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old.”
 “Movement in a new direction helps you find New Cheese.”
 “When you Move beyond Your Fear you feel Free.”
 “Imagining Myself Find New Cheese, even Before I Find it Leads Me To It.”
 “The Quicker You let Go of Old Cheese The Sooner you will Find New Cheese.”
 “It is Safer to Search In A Maze than To Look in A Cheese less Situation.”
 “Old Beliefs Do not lead You to New Cheese.”
 “When you see that you can find and Enjoy New cheese You Change Course.”
 “Noticing Small Changes Helps you To Adapt to Bigger Changes that are to Come.”
 “Be ready to Change quickly and Enjoy it Again. They keep moving the Cheese.”

You see friend, life is like a maze and circumstances and time keep Changing Things, the more Quickly , you adapt to this changes,the easier journeying through life’s maze becomes enjoyable.Move With The Cheese.