Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The simplicity of this law is "THOUGHT ARE THINGS”. Should the world be likened to a maze ,finding your way out of the maze would be very difficult until you begin to think of the numerous ways that may be out ,there should be a process of conscious thought to get out of the confused maze.
Now that the picture is a bit clearer, all what I am driving at is that, you cannot be classified as successful without the seed of thought in you. For a moment THINK about where you would want to be in five years time, what would you be doing? Where would you be? As you begin thinking about such things you are unconsciously, paving and creating way for the realization of your goals,
Remember,” As a man thinketh so is he”, think your future through, buy your future with the seed of thought, awaken the genius that lies within, you never know what may be the latent power asleep there.
I have you in mind, as I write, thinking about what you may love to read and I know you are still glued to reading because you know you would benefit a lot , just by the way.
Well my dear friend ,”You are what you think you are,” as a plant springs forth and could not be without a seed ,so every act of man spring forth from the hidden seed of thought, you need to think actively on what you want to achieve until you achieve it ,no individual wakes up one day and see that he has achieve all his goals , even if you have a genie in the Aladdin’s lamp ,you need to have a wish, or a dream before you make a dream come true and that is where the power of thought come in; think about it , what do you really want in this life?
I have not reached the apex of what I view as successful living ,but I have thought of it and so should you be ,think big ,for there is magic in thinking big, however ,until these thoughts are linked with definite of purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment, so there is a stage of planning to achieve those thoughts and you will discover that as you read on .
Then one may say, "I have greater dreams, but there is no money to help me realize this dream".
Well done my friend, poverty is not a bar to greatness, for poverty can be removed, the only thing worth going after is common sense not copper cents fix your dreams in your mind and you will realize it.
Haven read biographies of successful individuals, I realize most were in a state of poverty before they could realize their dreams, Martin Luther as a child, use to sing on the street for bread, Abraham Lincoln was a poor boy the son of a farmer, James Watt was a sickly and could not be sent to school, and so are the many individuals who have risen up out of their misery, because they thought their way out to success.
This brings me back to the story of creation, when our maker began the creation of the world, He didn't wake up one lovely morning and decided to create the wonderful world we live in , no , he thought of it first, he continuously impressed his mind on the formless substance before it took on form and made the world we live in ,so should you be ,be the imitator of God. Where there is thought there must be a substance that thinks, thought cannot be function for function is motion and is impossible for motion to think, thought cannot be vibrations, for mere vibrations are motion and is not possible for vibration to think.
Motion is nothing but the movement of substance, if there be any show of intelligence it must be in the substance but not in the motion, the substance does the thinking and, You, are that substance begin to think and move.

Remember, my dear friend , whatever is formed in thoughts and held as a thought-form must come into existence as the so called material form a thought from that is constantly held in visible form would eventually materialize, you would internally take the form in which you think of yourself; you would then begin to surround yourself with the visible forms of those things you associate in your thoughts.