Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Creating a picture, imagine that your life is perfect in everyway, imagine that you have become the top class artist you thought of, What will it be like, where would you be living , what would you be doing now?
You need to create a picture of what you want in life , without regard to the present circumstance, remove the boundary around you by creating a picture of yourself.
Do you desire to be a lawyer, picture each day of your life, especially in the morning hours as the most accomplished lawyer, picture your self winning all the case, and working happily
With all your energy, hold this thought form of your self until it sinks into your subconscious mind, you will then begin to manifest yourself from within, developing your carrier inside out.
As you create this picture of yourself the thought-form grows more definite and habitual in your mind, the creative energies, both within and without are set at work.
Do not pay attention to the advice or suggestions of those around you; do not believe that any one can know what is better than yourself, you've got the power.
Whiles growing up, I still picture how eagerly we dreamt of becoming the characters we see on television I recall how hurriedly we would run to the top of a hill
claiming to be Superman or Captain planet, and the great heroes in those motion pictures, that is the power of imagination, the law of visualization, applied over and over by accomplished
Personality in any field of work. Still not convinced, then read the success stories of others:
Professor ALLOTEY, a mathematical physicist, in Ghana working with NASA,in an interview said ,
he use to visit his father's book shop and can recollected how as a child was inspired by discoveries and works from Albert EINSTIEN, and Isaac Newton and right then, he begun dreaming of becoming a great mathematician and
Physicists, now that mental picture in the early years has been materialised.You can also be there just hold that great picture constantly in your mind.
A friend of mine, said he recollected, how he pictured working for a particular bank after his university education, and was surprised, everything he pictured materialize ,just after school. What a dream come true.
Close your eyes to adverse suggestion never mind if people call you a fool or a dreamer.They did the same to JOSEPH ,Jacobs cherished son, but he never cancelled his dream ,you should do the same.