Saturday, December 22, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

Today, I woke up with anxiety written all over me, though it was a day to make merry; I could not lift up high my voice to sing praises to my God. The birds keep chirping on a nearby tree close to   the windows, the lovely fresh air blowing across the room; but my countenance was down. “It’s your birthday Emma, quicken yourself and be happy”, I said to myself. ”What is there to be happy about; the desires of my hearts have still not being met”, I questioned. With a huge sigh, I thank God for another day he has added to my life and hopes of a brighter tomorrow. However, one question that never stopped to beat at the door of my mind was simple: “What on Earth Am I Here for?
What on Earth Am I Here for!; am I  here to just exist and see the passing of days, months and years; and finally  depart with loved ones singing dirges at my grave(loved ones who may never had shown their love to me when I was alive)? Definitely not; suddenly in the silent of my heart I whispered out these words:
  • I was born to be a change agent; every single  person that comes my path; I will  unlock their  potentials ,they will  intend brings out the best in the people they come across and together transform the ailing society we find ourselves in.
  • I was born to bring hope to the hopeless, the words from my mouth and songs from my lips will assure people there is going to be a brighter day.
  •  I was born to challenge the status quo; raise a generation of nay Sayers, and proclaim the message  of salvation to all and sundry.

·         Today I live not for myself but for the souls that will be left behind years after I am no more,   
My name is EmmanuelFordjour Kumah; I am not like any other person you’ve come across; so don’t compare me with anyone. On this day was I born; God has a purpose for my life and with every single day, I will search for that purpose.
If you have read this article to this far, please don’t wait till I DIE to show me love. My birthday gift from you is simple: A PRAYER, A BLESSING, Caring heart and of course lots of WISHES on my FB wall. STAY BLESSED ,SEE YOU on TOP,HAPPY XMAS and Thank you ABBA FATHER

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You can become an Entrepreneur if...

Last month, I had a chat with an old school mate who took advantage of his Boss leave abroad to start his own business. Another good friend of mine stumbled into blogging some years back and now operates one of the finest web development firms in the Ashanti Region. Few years ago, whiles pursuing my national service, a friend and I decided to venture into the  unknown  to become the Entrepreneurs we  have all being talking of; our ideas, plans and visions are gradually seeing the light  of the day. In my conversation with many young entrepreneurs, there are clear evidences everyone can become an Entrepreneur. Today, I share with you some surprising signs that will catapult you into the world of entrepreneurship. If you are ready; let’s begin.
  • Hate the Status Quo  It doesn't make sense to you that something has been done the time-honored way with no explanation why. You are not someone who wants to just go through the motions or sit by idly. Nor do you like following the pack.
  • Easily Bored - You find yourself easily bored, and others start viewing you as a problem. But nothing is wrong with you except that you are bored with activities that aren't up to your abilities and aren't challenging. That's why you hated most of the classes you ever attended. Think Bill Gates who dropped out of college to become one of the richest men in the world.
  • Fired from Jobs You're too creative for your own good when it comes to working for others, and you may have some history, as I do, of losing jobs. Being just a cog in wheel is very difficult for you because you want to create something others can be inspired by and contributes to.
  • Labelled a Rebel - You know that greatness resides outside the lines of conformity and don't think that policies, laws and regulations apply to you. You have been described as a rebel and rule breaker and would defy gravity if you could. 
  • Ready to Improve Everything - You always see how you could do things better. In addition, you are opinionated and freely give your two-cents about your better way of doing things--even when you're not asked. 
  • Don't Fit the Norm - You have always been a bit uncomfortable in your own skin. Until you get used to the idea that you are in fact different from most people, it could prove to be a problem--or exactly the motivation you need to acknowledge the entrepreneur screaming to get out.
  • Obsessive - You may have been labelled obsessive/compulsive because when you get started on something you have difficulty letting go. Don't let anyone convince you that this is a disease or deficiency. All of the great entrepreneurs become completely immersed in their vision. Howard Schultz stuck with Starbucks even when his family tried to persuade him not to.

What Next?
Do you see yourself in any of the above signs? Then I bet you are an Entrepreneur in the making. Drop me your feedback and let the world support you in your endeavor.
Credit; Grant Cardone