Saturday, December 22, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

Today, I woke up with anxiety written all over me, though it was a day to make merry; I could not lift up high my voice to sing praises to my God. The birds keep chirping on a nearby tree close to   the windows, the lovely fresh air blowing across the room; but my countenance was down. “It’s your birthday Emma, quicken yourself and be happy”, I said to myself. ”What is there to be happy about; the desires of my hearts have still not being met”, I questioned. With a huge sigh, I thank God for another day he has added to my life and hopes of a brighter tomorrow. However, one question that never stopped to beat at the door of my mind was simple: “What on Earth Am I Here for?
What on Earth Am I Here for!; am I  here to just exist and see the passing of days, months and years; and finally  depart with loved ones singing dirges at my grave(loved ones who may never had shown their love to me when I was alive)? Definitely not; suddenly in the silent of my heart I whispered out these words:
  • I was born to be a change agent; every single  person that comes my path; I will  unlock their  potentials ,they will  intend brings out the best in the people they come across and together transform the ailing society we find ourselves in.
  • I was born to bring hope to the hopeless, the words from my mouth and songs from my lips will assure people there is going to be a brighter day.
  •  I was born to challenge the status quo; raise a generation of nay Sayers, and proclaim the message  of salvation to all and sundry.

·         Today I live not for myself but for the souls that will be left behind years after I am no more,   
My name is EmmanuelFordjour Kumah; I am not like any other person you’ve come across; so don’t compare me with anyone. On this day was I born; God has a purpose for my life and with every single day, I will search for that purpose.
If you have read this article to this far, please don’t wait till I DIE to show me love. My birthday gift from you is simple: A PRAYER, A BLESSING, Caring heart and of course lots of WISHES on my FB wall. STAY BLESSED ,SEE YOU on TOP,HAPPY XMAS and Thank you ABBA FATHER