Monday, October 5, 2009

Who Moved My Cheese

I just finished reading the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”, and I believe you would be challenged when the lessons it contains is shared with you.
I know , you may be wondering what it’s all about , but believe me , you need to read it by yourself, well, to save you a little time: It is about changes that took place in a maze, when four characters went searching for “cheese”, cheese here may represent anything ,you are looking for in life, be it a relationship, a new job , an exciting carrier or spiritual peace and self fufilment.
The four characters went roaming around the confused maze, just to find a cheese to live on , after living on period of hunger and searching in vain , they finally found the cheese.
What then , happens , they relaxed and enjoyed the cheese and never thought of looking further, till one day , they came to a realization that , their wonderful piece of cheese , was getting smaller.Not at all moved by the diminish in the size of cheese daily, they enjoyed every piece of it.
One lovely morning, they woke up, just to find that , the cheese was no more.”Who moved our cheese?” they wondered. Two of the friends quickly came to a realization that the cheese was no more and begun immediately to search for new cheese in the confused maze.
The other two waited patiently for days, hoping the cheese would be brought back, the more they waited the more the reality of the cheese never coming back became vivid. Finally, one decided to go search for new cheese, however, the other was afraid they won’t find one and even die on their way in this huge maze. To the one who moved on, what lies ahead may be unseen, but there is no need crying over spilt milk and as he journeyed through life in the maze, he wrote this little words on the walls to encourage him, and also hoping if his friend would change his mind would find solicit as he reads this words and moves on.
“If you do not change you become extinct.”
 “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
 “Smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old.”
 “Movement in a new direction helps you find New Cheese.”
 “When you Move beyond Your Fear you feel Free.”
 “Imagining Myself Find New Cheese, even Before I Find it Leads Me To It.”
 “The Quicker You let Go of Old Cheese The Sooner you will Find New Cheese.”
 “It is Safer to Search In A Maze than To Look in A Cheese less Situation.”
 “Old Beliefs Do not lead You to New Cheese.”
 “When you see that you can find and Enjoy New cheese You Change Course.”
 “Noticing Small Changes Helps you To Adapt to Bigger Changes that are to Come.”
 “Be ready to Change quickly and Enjoy it Again. They keep moving the Cheese.”

You see friend, life is like a maze and circumstances and time keep Changing Things, the more Quickly , you adapt to this changes,the easier journeying through life’s maze becomes enjoyable.Move With The Cheese.