Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Have you ever wondered why some people easily succeed and get along with whatever they do whilst ,you still struggle to find your rhythm to life’s beat?
God designed each of us so there is no duplication in the world ,no one else on earth would be able to play the role God planned for you, the only person capable of such a task is You and it begins by identifying your SHAPE.
S-Spiritual Gift

Fortunately God has given every believer spiritual gift to be used in serving him; for some it may be the gift of sharing the word of God, some operates very well in the working of miracles, some have the gift of knowledge,you have have a gift of encouraging or motivating others .The reason you are not operating in your gift is that you have not yet identified it , you need to find your place of anointing and operate effectively in it, in order to be effective in serving God ,you should not be the Jack of all trade ,doing all you feel fit for you to gain approval or to be honored.You have a gift to operate effectively in find it out.
What do you love to do, what can you dedicate all your time to and never feel bored or hungry, what drive your life? In answering this entire questions you would begin to know what you are passionate about and then dedicate your time in developing those passions.
Your heart reveal the real you, what you truly are, not what others think about you or what circumstances tells you now. It is amazing that no two individuals have the same heart beat, likewise God has given us emotional heart beat to function properly, this heart beat energizes whenever we think about the topics that interest us, our dream carrier, our visions and the way we view life to be in the coming year,it is an indication of where to shift your attention and focus to.
To focus is to Follow One Course Untill Success .This will help you live a more fulfilling life, if you are passionate about music, develop yourself in that line, get a vocal coach and learn the dynamics of music. You may be interested in fashion design, no need to reinvent the wheels get glued to someone who have succeeded in that line get a Mentor to prevent you from trial and error , and the more you get exposed to these things or hear some one say something about it, the more your heart beat faster and you aspire to fufill that dream .It is all in your heart, life should be lived with a purpose don’t spend your time doing something or studying a course you don’t love or have a passion for .