Monday, October 4, 2010

Personal Development: The Melancholic Temperament

Do you know that ,you temperament can influence the kind of job you could do?
And do you really know your temperament as an individual or you still doing the guess work? Well today, i was talking to a friend who wanted to take up a job as a sales person which is predominantly taking over by the sanguine temperament, so we ended up discussing the major temperaments and their strength and weakness of those temperaments. You can check my other postings on the distinction between character ,personality and temperaments.
Let's get going and deal with the melancholic temperament.
Melancholy,I would tell you about this temperament in a few minutes. Are you ready
What is the Melancholic temperament?
Melancholy is often the known as the “black” or “dark” temperament.
Actually he is the richest of all the temperaments, for he is an analytical, self sacrificing, gifted, perfectionist type,with a very sensitive emotional nature.No one gets more enjoyment from the fine arts than the Melancholy. Do you enjoy the fine arts-painting, dancing , sketching? Then you may be a melancholy
Melancholy is prone to be introvert by nature,but since his feelings predominate ,he is given over a variety of moods.Sometimes his mood will lift him to heights of ecstasy that cause him to act more extrovertish.However, at other times he will be gloomy and depressed; during these periods he is withdrawn and can be quite antagonistic.
Does a Melancholy easily make Friends?
Melancholy is a very faithful friend,but ,unlike the Sanguine, he does not make friends easily, he will not push himself forward to meet people but lets people come to him. He most a time with drawn when he or she attends any occasion and would not take the step in meeting you, Does these describe you?
If yes, What Carriers would be best for you?
Careers of Melancholy
Most of the world’s greatest   -composers,artists,musicians,inventors,philosophers,theoreticians,theologians,scientists ,and dedicated educators have been predominantly Melancholies.
One vocation that would attract the melancholy,surprisingly enough ,is acting,even though we tend to identify this profession with extroverts.
Any vocation that requires perfection,self sacrifice,and creativity is open to Melancholies,But they tend to place self-imposed limitations on their potential by underestimating themselves and exaggerating obstacles.
  What Next? Is your Turn
Now that you have learnt a little about the melancholic temperament do a self analysis and see if it fits you.Let me also hear from you how did you find the information, drop me a comment. You are free to share this info with your friends on most of the social networks. Follow me on facebook and twitter and let's get going. Thanks
See you soon, hope you have enjoyed discovering your temperament