Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Second law of Gold

Hi, it is nice to know that you are following my article on the Five Laws of Gold, culled from the book, ‘The richest man In Babylon’. This book changed my view of  life after reading it sometime past  and l believe sharing the content with you would increase  your appetite to get a personal copy. Just walk into your local book store and ask for George S. Clason‘s  “ The Richest man in Babylon’. If you have already read  The Richest man  in Babylon,  then I believe you have come across The five Laws of Gold, would you  share your thoughts on my comment tab?
Hey friends, how did you find the first law of Gold? Well if you missed that post just check it out and let’s keep on talking. I would be sharing with you the second law out of the five laws of Gold, and remember this post is from the all time best “ The Richest man in Babylon”
Before I go on to the second law, know that the gold which you have saved can work for you and earn much more gold.
·        Gold Labors diligently and contendly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment multiplying even as the flocks of the field.
Money earn is more than a slave, it should work till it can work no more, if you regard the money you receive as a slave or a worker you would send it to the best market place or job that would bring you the greatest return .It is true that whilst the poor and the middle class work for money the rich on the other hand make money work for them. The Richest man in Babylon is  prescribing  that every money that we earn should be able to work for us  bringing us greater benefit, but this would only be possible if we find for it suitable  job where it can work.Most people are aware of this law and so when they receive a pay raise or  a bonus salary , they immediately channel  that money into another venture, the  issue is that , the owner of  the money sends it into a business  which he knows  nothing about and may only be recommended by friends or some guy  on the TV wearing a big coat and talking some jargons. Most people on getting a pay raise decides to make the money work for them, unfortunately, the kind of work the money is supposed  to do, is not know by the owner. For instance- a friend recommends  to him to trade in packaging sachet water , as it is a “hot” business in Ghana, funny enough the  owner has no dream of starting a sachet water producing business in Ghana,meaning  there is no knowledge of the business and there is no passion attached to it. He only wants to make money! Such  illustration is putting your hard earned money to  a work you have no experience in , the  risks are very high and even if you succeed; your passion to move on would eventually die out.
If we want our money to  work for us,  then, we must find it a suitable employment something we know the ‘ins” and “outs” or at least are willing to know the in and out, it is  through such means that the money would work diligently  and contentedly and in effect multiply even as the flock of the field.
Just know the money you earn from your job is a seed and like every seed it needs to be planted so that it fruits can be enjoyed over and over and over and over…….
What Next?
Is Your Turn, How has these information  been helpful to you ,is there any doubts you want clear or perhaps you have something to hear with the world, drop me your comment on  my facebook wall and don’t for get to follow my blog as we explore the other laws. Knowledge they say is power, however it becomes an effective power if it is applied. Do something Now! Thanks.


nana said...

this is wonderful reminder on how best to grow wealthy, it's been ages since i read "the richest man in babylon". I'm grateful for reminding me. God bless you brother.


hi, thanks for the feedback, am very grateful