Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Skill #1. Research and creation expertise : How to research,
discover, acquire, organize your ideas. It all starts with a core expertise. What do you know that we don't? Or who do you know that knows something that the rest of us need or want to know? You don't have to spend years learning a core expertise. You can find some expert who is under-marketed and take his or her idea to the marketplace. Just remember to organize this information in the communication age style....easy to learn, simple to use, fast results.
Skill #2. Packaging expertise: How to express, display, package, communicate yourself
Sometimes the line between success and failure is razor thin. I know of an info-preneur who
spent years and tens of thousands of dollars creating a product called Compact Classics. He had taken and condensed all of the great classic books in fiction and non fiction into a two page
format. Instead of taking weeks to read the original, you get the meat of the book in only two pages. Only one problem. No one would buy it. And thousands of dollars went down the drain. Until it got repackaged and retitled. The new title? The Great American Bathroom Book.
The idea caught on and a millions dollars later, the idea is still pumping out cash. By the way, you can buy the same book with either title. If you are the high brow type, you order the Compact Classics title. If you are the Larry Lunch Bucket type, it's the Bathroom book. But neither market would have enjoyed the book if some savvy packager hadn't "cracked the code." Here are some core packaging skills you will need to develop, rent or acquire:
• Find the best prices for materials
• Designing useful, interesting packaging.
• Creating low cost ways to organize your materials
Skill #3. Marketing expertise: How to sell, distribute, disseminate, promote yourself and your product. Marketing is the essential skill. You can market junk with right marketing campaign. Quality work is doomed to remain stuck in your computer data banks unless you learn how to market it. Here are some core marketing skills which you will have to buy, rent or acquire:
• Writing compelling copy
• Understanding psychology and human nature
• Learning the secrets of direct mail advertising
• Buying the best and cheapest advertising.
• Tracking your results.
• Managing a database.
• Tapping into the Internet