Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Did you know, that everyone can turn what he or she may seem as a failure into money?
Read this excerpt from Robert Allen’s MULTIPLE STREAM OF INCOME.
It is my firm belief that everyone...including you....has a least one good book in them. When
you've finished reading this special report, you'll realize that you have enough information and
experience in your head right now to turn into a lifetime stream of income.
You have a book in
you that is just waiting to be unleashed.
With some proper positioning, your book can become the cornerstone of an information empire.
An information empire? Yes. And I'm going to prove it to you.
The next time you wonder whether "there's gold in them thar hills," remember the example of 75
year old Walter Swann from Arizona. A few years ago he wrote a book about growing up in
Arizona with his brother, Henry. He called his book "Me and Henry." Sounds like a money making
title, doesn't it? But no publisher would publish it. So he published it himself. But no book store
would buy it. So opened his own book store. But his book store is unique. It only carries one
title.....that's right, "Me and Henry." He calls it the One Book, Book Store. The only book you can
buy in his book store is "Me and Henry." Dumb idea, right? Wrong. He sells thousands of books
world wide. And makes thousands of dollars a month from this one simple idea. In fact, business
has been so good that he has written another book. This one is called, "Me and Mama." It's also
for sale in a special room in the One Book ,Book Store. It's called the Other Book ,Book Store.
What I want you to realize is that you, your life story or your life's expertise have market value. It
may have enough market value to support you for life.
Turn your life story into money....even if you've been a miserable failure.