Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting the Career you always dream of

Do you dream of getting the job the best suite your skills? Well , you are not alone, everybody enjoys doing what he is passionate about, artist love to work with paints, writers like to write, a craftsman love to work with his hands.Whether your dream is to become an entrepreneur, a pharmacist or a minister of the gospel, relax you are not alone.Over the years, so many people have taught about what they love to do and are rich just by thinking of their dream,people of noble birth have risen to position of influence just by still thinking to grow rich.There is no need reinventing the wheel.
Today, I would love to help you ,get the right career and dream job,someone once said “Do what you love and you would never work a day in your life.” If you want to do what you love,what you are passionate about, then stay with me as we explore the 5 steps in GETTING THE CAREER YOU ALWAYS DREAM OF

1. Decide exactly what kind of career you want: What do you love to do, what is your dream job? Do not just go in for any job because you are getting frustrated, or because of the high level of unemployment in the country. If you love to paint you should be an artist, if yours is to set up businesses may be you should consider being an Entrepreneur. Doing what you love gives you the chance to be the best , since the skills would come naturally and you would feel motivated to do more.It may be that , the career you want is not readily available, create one for yourself! Remember the world we live in never existed, it was created by God’s word.Create the future you want now.

2. Choose the company or individual for whom you wish the work for: Now that you know what your dream is , you would be left with the power of choice,choosing the company or individual you would want to work with sends a signal to that individual you are focused ,you know what want and this means you would definitely put in your maximum best when you come to work.When you decide to work for a particular company or individual it means you appreciate the work they are doing and would like to contribute to their success based on your dream or what you love to do.Let me ask you ,If I was suppose to give you a job,which company or individual would like to work with and why? Drop me a comment and let’s get talking

3. Study your prospective Employer: In building your dream job, you need to know the policies and accomplishment of your prospective employer.Ask your self some simple questions “is there room for advancement in this company, how well should I work to get a raise in salary,what does my boss requires of an employee? Such questions would reduce all your fears and anxiety and would enable you to be better informed to contribute to the success of the company.

4. Do a self analysis: By self analysis, I mean knowing your talents,and your capabilities, figure out what you can offer,and plan ways and means of giving better suggestions ,ideas and services you believe you can successful deliver.This would endear you the heart of the Employer and would know the value you would be adding to the company.If you can type faster, let them know and make sure you willing type all the companies reports and brochures, when it is time for promotion,you would be top on the list.

5. Concentrate on what you can give: Yes ,forget about the job, for get about the salary for a while and concentrate on what you can give, you dream is to be an asset in your career and not a liability
Do you have something of value you can add to the company? Your reason for doing that is because there can be a dismissal of employees for non performance and because you contribute to the success of the company you would be spared.

One last thing I would love to talk about in getting your dream career is to present your CV to the proper person in authority, address it to the right person who is suppose to receive the CV and not to any tittle manager and make consistent follow up on it. Every company is looking for men who can give something of value, whether ideas or services,every company has room for the man who has a definite plan of action which is to the advantage of the company.

Remember, getting your dream job may take a few days or weeks of extra time,but the difference in income,advancement and in gaining recognition will save years of hard work at small pay,and would save you one to five years of time reaching a chosen goal.
Note that every person who starts or get in halfway of the ladder does so by deliberate and careful planning.

What Next?
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