Monday, September 13, 2010

Achieving the vision

Five reasons people do not achieve their visions
Everybody wakes up with a dream but not everybody acts on the dream.Many people have visions of what they would love to do, but do all achieve the vision? After carefully studying few of my colleagues who claim to have visions but never achieving those vision,I am convicted to share with you some reasons people do not achieve their visions.
I hope after reading this ,you would begin to work on achieving those visions.Let me not bore you and go straight to the 5 reasons people do not achieve their visions.Are you ready?
1.       Failure to define clearly exactly what one wants: There is a saying that, if you do not know where you are going every road would lead you somewhere.One reasons people do not achieve their vision is that ,they do not have one, they are just in life and get blown and tossed by the wind.Let me ask a question,What do you want in life?,Where would you want to be in 10 years time? Unfortunately so many are in a hurry going somewhere , without pausing to find out where exactly they are going.Do not be like them, live a life with a vision, a life with a purpose ,all successful people have dreams.If you want to be successful, get a pen on paper and draw you road map to your destination. Read my article on Goal Setting , it may help you.
2.       Procrastination: Procrastination has always being and would forever remain the thief of time. Why put aside tomorrow what can be done today? People do not achieve their visions because they always procrastinate what has to be done.Procrastination is the daughter of laziness and lazy people do not realize their dreams and visions because they would always expect someone to act on their dreams and visions for them. Procrastination would kill your  vision, stop giving those excuses and find alternative method of getting the work done.If you have something to do,that would help you reach the vision, go and do it immediately.But remember to finish reading the other points ok!

3.       Habits of neglecting to move on ideas ,or to grasp opportunity: Yes, it is a habit, no wonder you are still in the dreaming stage, the world is full of opportunities that would present themselves at your doorstep, but if you are lazy you would never welcome them in, it is true that opportunities come disguised as hard work, but you need to grasp them if you want to achieve the vision.When an idea comes to you, write it down and work on it immediately ,develop a positive habit of utilizing every single opportunity that presents itself ,it is the only way to reach the vision faster.
4.       Lack on interest in acquiring specialized knowledge: Have you ever heard of a pilot who did not go to piloting school? Or a medical doctor who never step his two feet into a medical school? If you do not acquire a specific kind of knowledge you would wonder around trying to reach the vision.Pay the price know, seek for knowledge, go to school,register for courses that would help you achieve the vision ,no matter what the price is ,pay the price and you would one day get the prize of fulfillment and satisfaction.Develop the interest in learning and knowing more about your dream,some may come at no cost, but you need to be interested in it , before you can reach those dreams
5.       Wishing instead of willing: If wishes were horses ,beggars would ride. We are no longer in the world of Aladdin, where you would have a magic lamb to wish for anything from the great Gene.Wishes never made anybody successful you need to be willing to go for the vision and work it out daily.Remember like a muscle builder, your first step is to get into the gym and work your self out, before the big muscles would appear.You can’t wish for bigger muscle, you can’t wish for the vision ,be willing to work it out.
What Next?
Thank you for your attention, now  that you know why you have not yet reached those dreams, start to work on the weaknesses, procrastination would rob you of your joy ,if you do not act know.Start and don’t forget to ask for help when you need it, I would be right here.Share this on facebook and twitter it would help some one achieve those visions.