Monday, September 13, 2010

Turning Desires into GOLD

Think and Grow Rich, how many times have you heard this saying? Is there really power in thinking, not to mention converting it to monetary equivalent? Undoubtedly, Napoleon Hills “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the most influential books of all time, that would help you in your personal achievement and a sure road to financial independence.
It is true, we are what we think of most of the time,our habits is a reflection of our thoughts much more than our growth, we can really think and grow rich.Since everything begins and ends with your mind, you should be able to set your mind in a way as to create wealth. I feel more pressured today, to share with you an excerpt of his book, “Think and Grow Rich” and we would focus on how to turn desires into money.Are you ready to think and grow Rich?
Money is good, because when it falls in the hand of a good person it would do more good to the world, and would give you freedom and time to share your life with people you value most. It may seem incredible and unbelievable but if you only believe, what you are about to read would transform your life and finance a great deal.
Five ways to turn Desires into Gold.
1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire: Most often I here people say,”I want plenty money” However, it is not enough to say that, but you must fix in your mind the amount of money that would make you happy and help fulfill your needs,money without purpose would not be a fulfillment in life and would be a curse instead of a blessing. Let me repeat it again “ How much money do you want?”

2. Determine exactly what you need to give in return for the money you desire: there is no free lunch, if you need money you need to give something in exchange for the money, there is no such reality as something for nothing.What do you want to give in return for the money? It may be a service you can render or a product you can sell to someone in exchange for the money that person has. If your desire is to have $20,000 by the end of the year ,what service can you give to someone for him or her to pay you that amount you need.Think about it?

3. Establish the definite date when you intend to posses the money you desire: As you fix in your mind a date to have that money, you would be motivated to work hard in having the money on the set date, establishing a definite date helps you to set goals and as the date draws nearer you feel more confident and accomplished in life. When do you want that money you desire,? 2020,2011 or 22nd December, 2012 which is more specific?

4. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire: Think and grow rich, when you begin formulating a plan you would be convinced you are getting that money, remember I talked about goal setting in my previous work, plans or goals are more definite approach to the dream of achieving financial success.Create a plan for yourself. How am I going to get this money by this said date, write the plans down no matter how silly it may be first and then begin to act on it now.I always say that the best time to begin an important journey is Now, so act on your plans today.

5. Verbalize: read aloud the written statement in your quest of wealth acquisition, say it to yourself and feel the possession of the money in your hand.As you read your written wealth acquisition plan and you begin to think about it, you become convinced in your heart and then you feel the money in your hands.
Napoleon Hills was not joking , believe me it works ,there is really magic in thinking and growing rich , remember the end results is not to think but to do what you think of and the riches would be yours.

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