Wednesday, September 8, 2010

goal setting

Have you ever met any successful person without a goal? Unfortunately many people want to climb the ladder of success by jumping the law of goal setting.Every bit of human progress- every discovery in science and engineering and every business success did not just happen they were visualized before they became realities. It has become clear that goal setting is as essential to success as air is to life , no one ever stumbles into success without a goal.
What then is A GOAL?
A goal is more than a dream it is a dream being acted upon,no forward accomplishment is achieved without goals ,without setting goals for yourself you would just be wondering through life. You may have a vision or a dream but you need goals to help you achieve those visions.
In this article I would be sharing with you five success building tips to help you get closer to your dreams.
I believe you are ready to learn? Let's get going.
1. Get a clear fix on where you want to go: Have you ever being to a bus terminal and sat in the bus, paid for the fare without knowing where the bus was headed for?, Certainly, you are bound to head in the wrong direction.If you know where you are heading for then you would have the zeal to create an image of yourself 10 years from now, ask your self these questions;” Where would I be 10 years from now”, “What would I be doing 10 years from now”. If you were able to answer these questions you are in the right bus headed for the indented destination.However, if you are finding it difficult answering these questions ,it is a starting point in achieving your dream , do not be discouraged you are the right place.

2. Write out the 10 year plan: The next step in achieving your dream is to write out the plans for realizing those dreams, your life is too precious to be left to chance, write down the vision and make it plain, it is not enough to think about the 10 year plan , write in on a paper, put in a place you would always see, so that you would be motivated to achieve those dreams. A plan is not really a plan unless it is written down,it then becomes the road map to fulfilling the dream.

3. Let your goals absorb You: In becoming successful , you need to be absorbed by your goals,you then begin to make the right decisions in reaching those goals.When you get absorbed by your goals, it becomes the dominant thought that rules your life, and circumstances begin to make way for you to achieve those dreams.As I said, a goal is more than a dream, it is dream being acted upon.My goal is to make impact in your life and so i am obsessed in bringing you information that would make you more better than you were. If you begin to act on your dream,the world would make room for you to achieve your dream, because you know where you are going.Let your goals be full in your Heart.

4. Achieve your goals one step at a time: Success does not happen over night, do not wait for your dream to find you, take a step to achieve those dreams, regard each task you perform no matter how small it is as a step in reaching your dreams, a journey of thousand miles would always begin with a step.If you believe in your dreams , start right now to take a step in reaching those dreams, do not be frightened by the size of the dream, as you take that single step you get closer to the vision and the vision would be more visible to you.

5. Invest in your self: Normally, when the word invested is mention, many peoples mind shift to stocks, real estate or some other types of property, but the greatest and most rewarding form of investment is self investment. Purchase tapes, that would help you achieve your dreams, go to seminars you are interested in it would help you reach your dream faster.Take courses that would make you more effective and would bring you closer to your dreams.One fine way to achieve the vision is to pay the price now , if you want to get the prize tomorrow.

What Next?
Act now, it is not enough to be motivated work on what you have learnt, and don’t forget to leave me with a comment if you need any help or the information has being helpful. You may also share this timely information with your facebook and twitter friends. Thank You