Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CAREER FRUSTRATION | How Your Temperament influences Your Vocation

Next to lack of employment, the worst thing that can happen to a person is to have the wrong job.
Have you ever thought of what influences the choice of your vocation or career? Or you rush into any available job because you need to make a living? It is incredible to know how many people despise their work,yet each passing day; they reluctantly return to the same desk and do the same work that do not bring them the needed satisfaction.
In this post,i am determined to bring to bare how your temperament can influence the career path you take.One of the ways to avoid career frustration,or feeling like a square peg in a round hole, is to know your temperament and its natural vocational possibilities.This would enable you find work or a profession that allows you to express your natural temperament characteristics.
I would be sharing with you the four basic temperaments: Sanguine,Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholic and their vocational or career aptitude,culled from the book "Why you act the way you do" by Tim LaHaye a master when it comes to temperament issues.Tim  LaHaye is also the author of "The spirit controlled Temperament"

Well, if you do not know what temperament you belong to,please make sure you read my post on the basic temperaments under the Label section of my blog.
The Sanguine is usually the warm,buoyant,lively and enjoying person.Even before he enters a room, you can hear him miles away and immediately he enters the room he lifts up the spirit of everyone in that room,with his endless conversation.Sanguines' are usually classified as the "Talkative" or "Noisy" type.
  • Sanguines' usually make Excellent sales men,as they are very convincing.They can even sell ice to the Eskimos or rubber crutches to people who aren't crippled.They are the most friendly of people and fit well in social gatherings.So a sanguine should normally venture into sales and marketing vocation.
  • They are outstanding masters of ceremonies,auctioners, and comedians: IF you ever want to organize an event make sure you pick a sanguine as the MC,and the show would never end.One such great sanguine i can identify in Ghanaian Entertainment industry would be Funny Face of "Chorkor Trotro" fame and the well know Agya koo.These great entertainers can make a story out of nothing and they would keep you spell bound.
  • In the area of helping people,sanguines excel as hospital workers.Doctors and Nurses who are sanguines always have the best bedside manner.You may be on the verge of death,as white as the sheet you are lying on when he bubbles into the room,but before he leaves,he will lift your spirits by his natural charm.
In conclusion, I believe no matter what work the sanguine enters,it should always give him extensive exposure to people,since his chief contribution in life lies in making other people happy.
Certainly, we all need a smile on our faces!

What Next?
Join me in my next post as i share with you the Choleric's Vocational Potential.Don't forget to drop me a comment it keeps me moving.Thank You.