Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today we would like to learn something about the choleric temperament and his choice of vocation or career.Because temperaments are inborn traits and influences everything you do;it would be better to learn about your temperament and its influence on the kind of career path you choose in order to have a more fulfilling life.
Who are the Cholerics?
Cholerics are usallay the self disciplined individual with a strong tendency toward self determination.He is very confident in his own ability and very aggressive  when he sets his mind to do something,he never gives up and don't care running over people or offending them if it needs to be done.

What is the Career Potential of the Choleric?

  • Cholerics' normally excel in any profession that requires leadership,motivation, and productivity provided it does not require too much attention to details and analytical planning.He would likely not participate in committee meetings and long-range planning as such things bore him,because he believes in doing.
  • Most Entrepreneurs are cholerics: They formulate their ideas and are venturesome enough to launch out in new directions.One smart thing about them is that;they don't limit themselves to their own ideas either,but sometimes overhear a creative idea from someone who is not sufficiently adventurous to initiate a new business or project.
  • Cholerics are natural motivator of other people.They are extremely goal-conscious,and can inspire others to envision his goals.Because of this, his associates may find themselves to be  more productive by following his lead.One of the primary weakness of a choleric as a leader is that, he is hard to please and tends to roughshod over people.Choleric rarely gives approval and encouragement as they believe this will lead to complacency.
Normally a choleric would be best suited in vocations or careers like: teaching,human capital development ,motivation and good preachers.His strong leadership abilities makes him perform well in any vocation he chooses.So he is not normally restricted.However, the kind of vocation he chooses should not be boring and so much filled with details.

What Next?
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