Saturday, October 15, 2011


 The challenge faced by many young people is how to set smart goals.They have a clue of what they want to do with their life;however, they are get lost when they begin implementing those ideas they have jottted down.A Goal may be defined as the desired results a person wants to achieve.It involves committing time and effort in asking yourself key issues of life.
Today ,i would be sharing with you how to set smart goals so you have a more focused life.Hope this article i took from student branding would help. 

  •  Goals should be SPECIFIC.  I want a job when I graduate is too general. Drill down further to identify more specific goals, revisiting your assessment and exploration. An example of a better goal is, “I want a job with a Big 4 accounting firm, working in audit and living in Chicago.”

  • Goals should be MEASURABLE. It is important to identify clear objectives so you can measure progress towards your goals I will secure an internship in audit with a Big 4 accounting firmis a good goal, but how will you get there? Setting up smaller, measurable goals is the answer. I will attend five campus recruiting events sponsored by Big 4 accounting firmsis measurable, as you will know you have reached your goal upon attending five events.
  • Goals should be ATTAINABLE. Are your goals reasonable? Are you willing and able to accomplish your goals? It is important to address these questions when goal setting so you don’t set yourself up for failure.
  • Goals should be RELEVANT/REALISTIC. Your goals should be related to the direction you want your career to take. It is important that your short-term and long-term goals are in sync.
  • Goals should be TIMELY. Setting deadlines for achievement of goals will keep you on track. What do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it? Seeing the finish line, so to speak, will motivate you to work towards completion of your goals.
In addition to following the S.M.A.R.T. method when goal setting, it is important to be flexible. Life happens, career changes happen, and priorities change. As such, your goals may change (and that is okay).
 What Next?
Let me know some of the goals you have set for yourself so i can keep you on track.Thanks for your time.