Thursday, February 9, 2012

30 Questions You Should Get Answers to Before the Year Ends

What questions do you ask yourself on a daily basis?
When you wake up what is the first question that keeps ringing in your mind,and desperately need answers to?
Believe it or not, the kind of questions you ask determine the kind of life you lead. That’s because your questions trigger its own set of answers, which lead to certain emotions, which then lead to certain actions (or inactions), followed by results. If you ask yourself limiting questions, you’ll get limited results. If you ask yourself mind-opening, forwarding questions, you’ll gain a lot more out of them.
Some people like to ask questions like “Why am I so unlucky?”, “What if I had done this earlier?” and “Why am I always in such a situation?”Because these questions are backward looking, the answers you get with them are naturally dis-empowering. On the other hand, questions like “What can I learn from this experience?”, “What can I do differently to move forward?” and “What am I grateful for?” are empowering. They provoke you and get you thinking, putting you on the path to a better life.
I have come to believe questions are keys to self awareness and personal growth, anyone who does not question situations in life rarely get answers and live in a life of low self esteem. Questions are intriguing; imagine being met by a mad man on your way to work; only to ask you what the time is. Won’t it set you thinking? As I enter the world of work and begin to make right choices for myself. I have a lot of question staring me on the face that definitely needs answers to. Such as, is it the right job for me? What career path am I creating for myself? Where would I be five years from now?
In this month of February, I want to challenge you to ask intriguing questions. Questions that would not make you  rest until you find the  answers. In this post, I intend to share with you 30 question you should ask yourself before the year ends. Answers to these question would definitely provide the impetus to have a more fulfilling 2012. So if you are ready, here goes the question:

  1. Who are You? 
  2. Why are you here on Earth? 
  3. What are you passionate about? 
  4. What has been your greatest achievement in life? 
  5. What do you love to do? 
  6. What are your values?
  7.  How would you describe yourself? 
  8. If you had one month to live what would you do? 
  9. Do you love yourself? 
  10. What is your vision? 
  11. Where would you be five years from now? 
  12. What would you do today if there is no more tomorrow? 
  13. Are you living your dreams? 
  14. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in life? 
  15. What advice would you have given yourself 3 years ago? 
  16. What motivates you?
  17.  Who are your friends? 
  18. Do my friends add to me or take away from me? 
  19. What opportunities are you looking for? 
  20. How can you create these opportunities? 
  21. What would you do if you had 1 million dollars?
  22. How would you live your mark on the shores of this Earth? 
  23. What is the biggest lesson life has taught you till date? 
  24. What one thing would you do, if you are sure you would not fail? 
  25. What are your biggest goals and dreams? 
  26. If you were to be the President for a day what would you do differently? 
  27. What has been your worst experience in life? 
  28. At what age do you want to die? 
  29. Who would you love to die with? 
  30. How would you live your life if you know there is no Heaven or Earth?
I think I have been able to set you thinking, so what Next? Send me your comments
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