Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Have you ever read the book “Think and Grown Rich”?  What do you think about the title? Can man really think and Grow rich? Well, this is what this blog post seeks to answer ,think on the above and let me know your reply.
Obviously, Napoleon Hills’ Think and Grow Rich is the all time inspirational classic for anyone who is daring enough to turn desire into monetary equivalent. I bought my personal copy of Think and Grow Rich in 2007, and I remember a course mate standing close by wondering and saying aloud if it is possible to think and Grow Rich. So, have I grown Rich when I bought the book in 2007?
I don’t think I should answer the question now as this blog post would do just that. May be you are not an avid reader of self help books, I agree because you always doubt what it contains, no wonder you remain bound in your circumstance. This blog post would clear all the doubts if you would read to the end. Well, if your patience is running out just know the seed of greatness is never in one who is not patient.Close the page, and see you in another world! Ahh, you still reading, well today I would want to write and share with you the  Secrets of Napoleon Hills as written in the book Thinks and Grow Rich.

Secret 1; Desire
It is not accidental that Napoleon Hills begins his secret of success with desire. Success always begins with desire,most people want to be successful, however, wanting success is a waste of time.
Worse, it just produces frustration. Only a burning, all-consuming, fervent and passionate desire will produce the exceptional results that make up true success.Wanting and wishing for something is synonymous, most people wish they have a decent house to leave in and a nice car to match their life. They wish and wish till they finally become frustrated. Wishing or wanting never brings a thing into reality,remember, if wishes were horses baggers would ride.
Wanting is best understood by its second meaning in the dictionary: lack.To want for something is to lack something and so long as you merely want success, you will lack success.You must have or develop a burning passion for success. Without it, you are highly unlikely to achieve anything. Get passionate now and take action! This is critical…your desire must be specific. It must be attached to a clear and specific ideal, a clear and consistent thought picture of what
success means to you.
When I was in the university, I wanted to upgrade myself and wished to write an international diploma exam before graduating. Wishing for the diploma never worked till I finally desired it. It was with that passionate and burning need that I have successfully written two international diploma within a year. Now I am fulfilled because I not only wanted it, I desired it and it is now made possible. What do you want in Life? Is it just a Want for it, or you have a burning desire for it?
The Good Book says, ‘what so ever thing you desire, when you pray believe you have received it and you would have it”
So you see, the first key to achievement in life is Desire for the thing not just wanting.
What do you think? 
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