Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Social Media in Ghana

Why Ghanaian Businesses should be on Facebook
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Most people in Ghana think everyone is on Facebook, they get surprised and would likely jump out of their beautifully made Ghanaian clothing , if you tell them you are not on Facebook and don’t care about all that social media gimmicks. While we Web professionals may assume that virtually everybody is using social media these days it’s far from the truth. People use social media but businesses don’t.Ghanaian Business have no idea what facebook can do for their companies and even go  to the extent of banning the use of social media like facebook in workplace. To the management of many a business it is just a waste of time and resources. A recent study shows that 94% of businesses actually do not use social media. Not using social media in Ghana in the 21st century is like saying you don’t  need a car at workplace because you can walk to where ever you need to go , be it official or personal.Or saying that whenever you need to talk to client  you can walk all the way to his place of abode so there is no need to get an office phone. Funny, isn’t  it?
So of course another study shows that those businesses not using social media fail to compete.We are in  a very competitive  world, at the battle for  space and attention is not being fought only on land but  has migrated to the world of www.

What is the Solution?

We , are The Thinkers' Ink believe in your company. We believe we can help you create the necessary attention and influence that your business need, with focus on Ghanaian businesses.We want to give you 10 reasons  why your business should use social media, and is our hope that Ghanaian Business would take lessons from this blog post and take the step in the right direction.

  1. Get feedback: If you are on any social media platform like faceboook, Twitter  and linkedIn, you can get feedback  from your clients who in one way or the other have come into contact with your business. This would enable you restructure or strengthen the services and products offered in the near future.
  2. Offer​ discounts: Once you have an account on Facebook or Twitter or even before you gain a significant following the best thing you can do is offering discounts. People will follow you then and they also will buy. Dell has been selling computers on Twitter for years and your Computer or mobile phone shop can do the same.
  3. Spread the word: Tell the people about you and your business once you have established a connection with your following by getting attention over and over again and again. Announce changes in your organization, promote your next appearance at a conference or introduce a new product or an improved services to all.
  4. Watch the competition: In case you are not on social media your competition probably already is. You can watch their steps and try to learn or mimic them. As long as they excel on social media you have to do that. Than you can just watch them like you watch your overall industry and mentions of your brand. Google Alerts is your first love to do it but plenty of other tools assist you here.
  5. Build networks: Social networking sites like LinkedIn would help you build and grow more networks in your industry, who could offer you supports and share information that could change the phase of your business. Great networks can also extend the boundaries of your company from the local level to international. Trust me, it works.
  6. Develop your Brand: Social media platform is a great way of branding your business. It is more than the logo of your company. What you offer your clients  by way of services  would go a long way in ensuring the credibility of your business and what it seek to achieve, online branding is the new way of getting things done.
  7. Say Thank You: Social media is a great way of saying thank you to your clients, you can send them an ecard or a virtual gift and they would forever remain grateful to you.
Well, I promised to give you 10 reasons why I think your business should consider social media, but since 7 is a perfect number in Christiandom, I think you are filled now. If you need more help  on how you can send your business online using social media, especially if you are a Ghanaian Company, why don’t you consider  calling The Thinkers’Ink, we are the business solution expert for Ghanaian Business. We would take your business from the ground into the information superhigh way, in a flash of seconds. What’s more! All our Services provided at The Thinkers’ Ink is absolutely FREEEE....…..
The Thinkers’ Ink.. Thinking Solutions, transforming Generations.