Thursday, May 5, 2011

Emmanuel F.Kumah;Get Another STREAM OF INCOME

The Sixth Cure for a Lean Purse: Insure a future income.

I would love to be rich one day, free from the trouble of money and free to buy everything my heart desires. Would you love that too? That is why I have taken time to share with you the best of personal finance education for these past weeks, so how has the journey being like? Revealing Right!.

Yes of course, George S, Clason’s “Richest Man in Babylon” is a very good classic book for people yearning for financial success and who would love to avoid going round financial success.Well. we are on the seven cure for a lean purse culled from the Richest Man in Babylon,and is my dream that after the sevenths cure is unveiled you would be one of the richest man in your country.

Let’s get studying friends:

It behooves a man to make preparation for suitable income in the days to come ,when he is no longer young and to make preparations for his family should he be no longer with them to comfort and support them. This lesson Arkad believes shall instruct thee in providing a full purse when time has made you less able to learn.
In the sixth cure for a lean purse as learnt in the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” Arkad prescribed that there is going to be a time in the life of a man where he cannot work to earn a living, in view of this ,when one is in the youthful stage, you should work harder and smarter to provide an another stream of income that would flow into your main income stream, you should therefore by careful thought plan ahead to channel this surplus income stream into a suitable investment which would earn enough dividends and endure safely for many years,yet will be available when the time arrives which he has so wisely anticipated.There are diverse ways to provide for this future needs, you could start a business which would stand the test of time and which you are passionate about,this would enable you put all your ears and eyes on it so that you can gain back your initial investment and later plough back the interest. You can also insure your future by investing a small amount of your money in a well selected investment iinstrument which would grow exponentially by the time you reach the age that you would not be able to work to earn a living.
Insure a future income would make you happy and would not rob you of the joy of living, most old people are miserable now, because they failed to insure their future income in the days of plenty.
Remember, your kids would one day be young adults and would depend on you for financial assistance, and so it is important to insure your financial life whilst you are young.
This then is the sixth cure for the lean purse;provide in advance for the needs of thy growing age and the protection of the family.

What Next?

Finally we are one step down to the seventh cure for the lean purse, so how has the sixth cure for the lean purse being.What have you learnt from our discussion , can you share it with us? I would love to read your comments, Please drop me a note and let’s get talking. Thank You.