Monday, April 25, 2011

The Fifth Cure For A LEAN PURSE

If I must recommend one book for you to read, just to be financial free and not to  worry about how much money you spend on what your heart desire, then I would definitely recommend, George S. Classon’s  Richest Man in Babylon.
Definitely , The richest man in Babylon dispense very good financial advice to anyone who has the dream of becoming financial free in later years, this may involve denying instant gratification but it is worth spending your life in abject poverty.
If you have been following this post, I am written a series of post on the Seven cures for a lean purse culled from the Richest man in Babylon and today I would be dealing with the fifth cure  for a lean purse prescribed by  George S. Clason’s book, The Richest man in Babylon. Get ready for a transformation.
If a man set aside nine parts of his earnings upon which to live and enjoy life, and if part of this nine parts he can turn into profitable investment without detriment to his wellbeing, then so much faster will his treasures grow.” So spoke Arkad to his class at their fifth lesson.
In this lesson , Arkad is telling us to save enough money to build our own home in the future, this is important because if you continue to stay in a rented apartment all your life, it would drain the  amount of money in your purse all your life and you  would not become financially free, in other words, it is the one who has built the house that you are making rich  each and every year.
If you are able to channel an amount of money into building your own home, the return on the investment would be beyond imagination as you would not be directing your hard earned money to your landlord year after year and the house would definitely be available for generations to come if managed properly. If you make your home a profitable investment , it  becomes a source of collateral for you to secure a good loan for other profitable ventures.
Do you know that, it is also possible to hire a part of your dwelling place so you can make money from it and build another asset?
It therefore mean that, if you are planning of increasing the size of your purse,plan to stop the leakages by building your own home.
Now let’s  read what Arkad says,” Thus come  many blessings to the man who owns  his house. And greatly will it reduce his cost of living, making available more of his earnings for pleasures and the gratification of his desires. This then is the fifth cure for a lean purse: Own thy own home
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