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Emmanuel F.Kumah:The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon:Seven Cures for a lean Purse.

Do you want to be the Richest Man in your Country?Then you need to read the Richest Man in Babylon. Undoubtedly, George S. Clason ” Richest man in Babylon” is the foundation of personal finance and a must read book for anyone who is planning of becoming financial literate in a few years to come.


In the Richest man in Babylon, George S.Clason dispense a worth of financial tablets to many a people who were willing to take control of their financial issues using ancient wisdom from Babylon,what this post tends to do is to present this ancient wisdom to you in a modern format so you too can take control of your finances. Personally, I think the next greatest thing after a person’s salvation is financial freedom, freedom from the worry of money and freedom to buy all that your soul desires to have and this is definitely what this post from excepts of The Richest man in Babylon ,would seek to do.

I would like to thank you for the strong desire to read this material and obtain a great source of financial knowledge. We would be studying the Seven Cures for a lean purse from his book “ The richest man in Babylon” and I hope you would take step in applying all that is shared here.


Arkad, who was considered to be the richest man in Babylon at that time was called upon by the King so he can teach his countrymen how he has been able to acquire such great wealth so they can have some coins dancing in their pockets as they walk along. This he decide to do by proposing seven things which Arkad believe can cure everyone that carries a lean purse. Now, let’s get studying


Now my students ,ye can see that there are many trades and labors at which men may earn coins. Each of the ways of earning is a stream of gold from which the worker does divert by his labors a portion to his own purse… If thou select one of thy baskets and put into it each morning ten eggs and take out form it each evening nine eggs, what will eventually happen?”, “One student answered that; it would be overflowing in time, since that person put in one more egg than he takes out.”
In the first cure, Arkad is recommending that, “For every ten coins that thou place within thy purse take for use but nine” meaning you should divide the earnings from your labor in 10 equal parts and save one –tenth of income whilst you effectively use the remain ninth that is left.
Truth they say is simple, but not all people apply that truth. Here George S. Clason is recommending you to divide your savings or earnings into 10 equal parts spend nine of it and put aside the remaining one of the 10. This means no matter how small your earnings may be you should be able to channel one –tenth of that money into a savings then if this action is done repeatedly would becomes a habit and once those habits develop enough muscles, your purse or wallet would begin to fatten(Increase in size, isn’t that sweet!).
The joy is not in the fattening of the purse in that instant but lies in the development of a lifelong habit of wealth creation. Although the first cure for a lean purse seems very simple, the real issue is,would you do it,? Would you be daring enough to put one tenth of your savings in an account and would you do it consistently till you see a massive growth in your savings? If your answer to such question is yes, you are definitely on your way of becoming the richest man in ‘ Babylon’

What Next?
Well , you have just started off on a journey that would change your state of being and increase your ability to earn and use money effectively, so how has the first cure for a lean purse being? Informative? I would love to read what you thoughts are about this post, just drop me your comment, ok! Feel free to share this on facebook and other social networks it would change someone's life  you can also add me as friend on facebook. See you in the Our next class.