Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Emmanuel F. Kumah: Three lessons from Money

Thank you for following my chit-chat on money, I am grateful for taking time off your busy schedule to visit me again.How has the chit chat on money being, insightful? I just hope you are taking some few notes on the important points and applying it to your everyday issue of money.
Today, we would talk about some three lessons we can draw from money and apply it wisely,for  it is not how much you know but how well you apply what you have learnt to make  your life better.Are you ready?

Lesson one: Money is Important

One of the most prevalent misconceptions concerning money, relates to its
importance. For example, how many times have you heard people say in
conversation, "Money isn't everything." or "Money isn't important." or "I don't care
about money." Well, the people who say these things might not care about money,
but inwardly they really need money to satisfy some important needs in their life.
Just look closely at what you are wearing, if money is not important I guess you would have not be wearing any clothe today, or perhaps you would not be reading this article at all as whatever you are using to access this information needed money to do so.

Lesson two: Money does not buy happiness

This is one of the most arguable issues when it comes to money,I do not think I am the best person to talk about this, however, what I am about to share is mainly from my own opinion.
Well, does money buy happiness? Indeed money does not buy happiness but that thought of it can make you happy. Let me illustrate this, when you buy a new Mercedes Benz, do they put an equipment inside that makes you happy when you drive it? Certainly not, the latest cellular phone in town does not have a function called happiness installed in it. So what then makes people happy when they hear of or find money. Money in itself is a piece of paper with inscriptions on it, and there is no inscription on it called happiness.The reason you feel happy is that the happiness is generated in the mind not in what you possess, in other words it is our thinking pattern that makes us happy not the possessions.

The next illustration;Why is it that people who are promised pay increase or something important gets excited even when they have not received it immediately? Because the happiness or excitement generates from the mind not what they have.You can live a very happy life even if you do not have money because that amount of money or possession would not make you happy, it is what is inside of you that makes you happy.Well, if you disagree with me you can drop me your comment and let’s get talking.

Lesson three: Money is a Slave

Most people make money their master instead of making money their servant.If you consider money as a master it rules over you and dominate everything you do. However, if money becomes your servant you exercise authority over it.Most people have a miserable life because they see money as a master. Now here is my crazy thinking, it you see money as a servant it goes to work for and makes profit for you, in other words when money becomes a ruler of your life ,you go to work for it , this should not be.If money is a servant to you , it obeys your voice and your instructions, you then command it to go  to work for you and it would willing do.When it does, it also give birth to more money which intends becomes servants for you to generate the more.This is one of the most important principles of wealth creations. So the next time you receive an amount of money, make it your slave.

 What Next?
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