Tuesday, November 16, 2010

EmmanuelKumah: Tips on starting a Business

Many individuals dream on starting a business one day, they dream of being their own boss and having the freedom to do what ever they love to do. Unfortunately many people don't know how to.In this post,  i have been sharing what i know about starting a new or existing business with you and i appreciate the effort you put in reading my post. Hope you are being inspired?
I would love to continue on the tips in starting a business to help you on the path to being your own boss and retiring very early in life. If you have not read the first post please go back and read and let's continue the journey.  Are you ready for the other tips?

Tips on starting a Business
3.What Can You Improve Upon?
There is nothing new under the skies, if you want to start a new business , do not struggle coming up with something new.Just ask yourself- What can i Improve On? Look for something that is an improvement on an existing product or service rather than something brand new in addition look for something that is cheaper or of better quality than what you originally know.Search  for something that has additional features or functions that current products don't offer. Look for something that is better in some way in comparison to something that people are already buying and using. Improving an existing successful product or service is the fastest and surest way to build a successful business. An idea only needs to be 10% newer and better to capture substantial market share.Don't be caught in a fix

4.What Can You Get Excited About?
We all get excited about something , what excites you?Look for a product or service about which you can  really become enthusiastic,most people become wealthy by translating or transforming their hobbies or passion  into a business. You will always be most successful doing something or marketing something that you really love and care about, and it is what we become passionate about that drives us to excellence.Find ways of translating your hobbies,interest or passion into a business idea, because you are easily excited about it , the passion would generate perseverance and this would automatically generate the financial reward you are looking for.
What Next?
let's met and celebrate your success and don't forget to  drop me a comment and any suggestion that may help. Thanks


Albert Yaw said...

I like this, three great tips to get a person going, thank for sharing