Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Kinds of Leaders

After my experience and talk with great leaders on  the act of Leadership, i feel very inspired to help my readers know more about leadership, as it has already being said,"Everthing rises and falls on leadership" and because everyday that passes by is 24 hours of opportunity you would never get again, you are making it a habit to cultivate your leadership potentials , so as  to make every day a day of inspirational leadership. 
Well, if you read my article  on what leadership is, you may have noticed leadership is not position but influence,it all about making impact in the corner you are.
Today, i would like us to learn the Three main kinds of leadership that exist, you will therefore have the choice to choose what leadership type is best for you.

Leadership comes in different shapes and sizes, just as there are so many kinds of shoes in the market place,you choose what fits you best,If you are already a leader whether in the church,school or work place ,this article would help define the kind of leader you are.
I have given some characteristics common to all the kinds of leadership, examine which of them you are,and or choose the one you would like to be.

DESTRUCTIVE LEADERS:The first kind of leaders i would like to talk about is the destructive type,let us look as some of the traits of this kind of leaders
  1. They lead to satisfy themselves, they are in position, or authority because of what they can get ,and not for the love of their followers.
  2. They destroy what has already been done if they would not share in the glory,their common saying is "If i would not be appreciated for it, i won't be part of it"
  3. They believe in Position before function, for them, give them the Position and titles then they would function, but a true mark of leadership is not is position but in functionality, do not wait for a title before giving a helping hand.
  4. They use their Position to destroy others, is it a common trait,? They always use treats ,"You do not know who I am" they say, if you are found of using these words you are destructive leader
Hope you are not a destructive type, let us now look at the managerial Leader,
  1. This people are good care takers but lack the courage and vision to chart new path,they would always ensure things are kept in order and remain as they were before ,they came around
  2. They will not challenge the status quo, what ever was being done in the past should remain the same, there is no need to change it , or bring about innovation in the way things are done, for fear of being criticized
  3. They keep on doing the same thing the same way with the same results in the name of keeping tradition
  4. They are involved in a lot of activity but low productivity, you will see them every where but never yielding any positive results
  5. They have a lot of movement but no monument, in effect they do not make any impart.
I am not sure you goal is to be a managerial leader although hundreds of leaders are, look  for the best in all things
TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS: I once said to group of students in one of my interactions with them "Education is how you use what you have stored to make life a better place"
That is one of the traits of transformational leaders, now lets look at the others:
  1. They impact and transform generations: they believe people are looking up to them to make a change in the world and so put in all their best to live a legacy to the unborn leaders, can you identify one of such people?
  2. They live for others and not themselves; as have been said leadership is the ability to empower others, as a transformational leader, they wont to transfer their skills and abilities to others to continue from where they left off.
  3. They never leave people they way they are,they always make sure to leave an indelible mark on you ,once they have finished with you.
  4. Their works lives beyond them:leaving a legacy, a true mark of a transformational leader, they always make an impact every where they find themselves,just look at the good things in this world ,it was all done by transformational leaders.
We live in a very fast changing world that has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going, now that you have taking a giant step to be a leader, choose which type you want to be, i suggest you choose the right one.
What Next?
Thank you for taking time to educate yourself, Remember , there are two ways of learning by experience or from the experienced, i may not be the most experienced but i believe you have are know well informed, share this with your friends, on facebook and Twitter, and don't forget to leave me with a comment.Thanks