Monday, September 17, 2012

Benefits of Life Long Learning

In my previous post , I defined what lifelong learning is and even went further to explore Growth learning and maintenance lifelong learning, You  know, man  is a creature of growth and anyone who has stopped learning have  actually stopped growing. We  live in a knowledge economy where the more you know the better it gets, however, what is more beneficial is not the knowledge acquired as knowledge is only potential power, the utilization of the knowledge is what makes the world we live a better place. Today, I would like to share with you some benefits of lifelong learning, but before that let’s just take a look at another type of lifelong learning .If you are ready, here we go:
  • Shock learning

Brian Tracy defines this  type of learning as shock learning ,this is where something happens that contradicts or reverse a piece of knowledge or understanding that you already have, shock learning can be extremely valuable if you act upon it .Unfortunately, most people are creatures of habit. When something happens that is completely unexpected, they choose to ignore it in favour of the old information with which they are more comfortable.
Now a look at some of the benefits of lifelong learning:
  • Lifelong learning develops our natural abilities

We are all born with innate abilities; someone may be naturally good at singing, or running a 100 metre race and coming top every time. However, it takes conscious effort and time to develop these natural abilities. A self motivated conscious pursuit of knowledge would unlock certain potentials within us and sharpen the abilities we already have
  •  Lifelong learning helps us adapt to the changing society

Society is constantly changing, with the outburst of technology, what you knew some ten years ago would be obsolete. Some years gone past, the most common medium of communication across countries was through the snail mail. Fast forward into the 21st century, and man has been able to break the communication gap, sitting behind your laptop you are able to communicate with people of varying race. Lifelong learning enables you to adapt yourself to these changes brought by technology.
  •  Lifelong learning creates a curious, hungry mind.

There is a big world  out there- new inventions waiting to be discovered, countries yet to  be explored, and books yet to be written. Dedicating yourself to lifelong learning creates within an hungry mind, our drive and desire to learn fuels itself and we keep going, constantly looking for more to feed our hungry minds.
What Next?
Don’t let it stop here, challenge yourself to growth by feeding on new resources each passing day. Be eager for knowledge, and you would realise that; the more you know the better it gets