Wednesday, January 25, 2012


In this fast moving and highly competitive world, what makes you stand tall in the mist of similar products? After landing that  dream job what provides the momentum to keep going and  to move up the corporate ladder? After asking myself these and many similar questions; I keep hearing the sound of this words echoing all around my heart- BE INDISPENSABLE! Dare to be the one everybody wants to associate with.
If a man can really become indispensable, what would it take? Today, I share with you some great tips to become indispensable and move up the corporate ladder than it seems possible.Enjoy
the future is now
1) Don’t think about now, think about the future. If you concentrate on skills that are being taught in our school systems, you will not become indispensable, but rather, just another Ghanaian Graduate. You need to become a thought leader  such that you are years ahead of your colleagues at the workplace. Think about what is likely to happen in the future in your chosen field and prepare for it.This sometimes means that you have to make guesses or assumptions,good do it and remember to  back them with research (educated guess).

2) Maximize your Strength : Everyone in the world has something he is good at, look at ways you can transfer that into your current occupation. Listen, if you are good  at creating websites or a techy person, allocate all your time to learning as much as you can. If you know what your strengths are, try to elevate those strengths into personal branding nirvana. Those strengths can turn into the skills you need to be indispensable.

3) Burry your head in Books: Not enough people read,especially in my country Ghana. This is a great advantage,if you get filled by the words contained in books and  absorb the lessons in it; you would be way ahead of people in your field.You would always find 101 ways to kill a Giant with a single stone just like David. The more you learn today, the better off you’ll be tomorrow

4) Be the Go-to Person: Be the one everybody want to go to. When they need help in finishing an assignment be the one they would turn to.When the computer is loading very slow and they can’t  get the work finished on time;be  the first person they would turn to for help. Let the word on everyone’s mouth be go to ……. . Do this any you would never be thrown out of a job for life.
Dare to be unavoidable and they would keep coming for more of what you have to offer. 
What Next?
Do you know any other ways, to be indispensable? Why don’t you hear it with me.