Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Once again we have experienced the dawn of a new year.As it is typical with every new year,resolutions is not uncommon."This year i want to do this and that", is the saying of many.Big dreams that seems never to materialize and fades away after a week or two. Whether you achieve those goals or not don't stop dreaming.A new year is one of life greatest Gift to mankind and worthy to be celebrated.Go ahead pen down those dreams and go for it. I Dare you to Dream Again! 

What really  is life's greatest gift this new year? It is free will or choice. Choice is the ability to select one course of action from a set of alternatives to achieve a goal. What is so great about choice? It transforms us from dumb animals into artists. Each of us becomes another Michelangelo, for choice is nothing other than the chisel we use to sculpt our life. The chisel doesn't come free, however, for the price of choice is responsibility. But when we accept and carry out our responsibility, the reward is great. The reward is happiness.

Life is not static, it is a flow. Every choice we make leads us closer to or further from our goals. We constantly need to monitor where we are on our journey. We need to ask questions: Am I moving closer to my goals? If not, what corrective measures can I take? What action will I take now to realign myself with my goals? Choice is power. Choice is at the heart of life; it is the creative power of life.

You make choices every day, and your life becomes more convenient or comfortable because of them. For example, you decide which stores to shop at and which gas station to patronize. But the decisions we make that sculpt our lives are far more important than deciding where to shop. The more we appreciate the difference between minor and major decisions, the greater the likelihood that we will experience happiness and fulfillment.

All chess lovers realize that it isn't necessary to win to enjoy the game. The pleasure is in the playing. Life is like a chess game. Make the best moves (choices) you can under the circumstances. If you live by this rule, you will always enjoy the game of life, regardless of its outcome.

Have a very Prosperous New Year and See You at the End of 2012.
You are a Winner, Go out and Make that Difference.