Saturday, December 10, 2011


A colleague and I were having a conversation one lovely evening on why people who confess to love each other so much breaks apart when a little misunderstanding crops out. Peoples who were head over heels in love some years back are no more journeying in the train of love,their love have fallen into a love hole and have left an indelible mark on their faces.When  asked where all those dreams of togetherness are, the only respond I get is the most common saying about love,”LOVE IS BLIND
The word love has been used and abused. And most of the time, those who say it are clueless of what they are saying.I thought it wise to share with you today a post on love from inspirationalblogs.Hope you like it.

Because I have a very deep mathematical background, let us begin with this Logic.
     If   Love is blind  And God is love.   Then God is blind.
Does that make sense?
To say love is blind is to say that God is blind and that is just non-sense. God has 20/20 vision. God’s vision is so clear that it sees everything. So love has 20/20 vision as well. Love sees more not less, like God does.
Most of the time when we say “love is blind”, what we are actually mean is “lust is blind” or “selfishness is blind.” Yes, our selfishness and lust blinds us. A selfish and lustful person only sees himself. The person of his obsession is just an “object” for personal gratification. Yes, lust is blind.
Imagine a man walking around and looking at a mirror at the same time. He does not see his surroundings, only himself. To lose sight of everything except yourself is blindness indeed.
Love is not blind, it sees with great clarity. It sees beyond what the normal eyes sees.
Love sees the worst in us and does not ignore it, but forgives it. Love sees what we could be, like God does. Love sees the butterfly in the caterpillar. It is the reason that we are all beautiful in the sight of God. God exist in eternity, where everything is present, no past or future. While we only see the caterpillar that we are now, God already sees the butterfly that we shall be.
Most of what we consider love is just plain selfishness. We think we are” in love” when we are actually “in lust” to use the other person to gratify ourselves. And after we get messed up, we shall excuse our bad decision by saying “love is blind.”
Stop making “love is blind” an escape goat.
Love is clear as day.
So love with clarity.
Love with your eyes, mind and heart fully open.