Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Do you still need a job? Just to remind you, the word JOB is an acronym of Just over Broke. Meaning anyone with a job in Ghana or any other country is just a line above broke. When your  Boss issues out these words “YOU ARE FIRED!” the world would collapse on you with a blink of an eye.
So do I need a job myself? Of course I do. Today if you desperately need a job in Ghana, you are at the right place; I would show you how to find the right job.
The kind of job you are into would determine the satisfaction you get in life. Every working person spends at least 40 hours at work, and if you don’t find the right job; it definitely means you would spend 40 unproductive hours at work. I don’t think that is reasonable.
Many people are working at jobs that they are not suited for or are not suitable for them. They would rather be doing something else, somewhere else, using different skills and abilities. The majority of working people, by their own admission, do not feel fully challenged by their current jobs. Getting into or staying at a job for which you are not ideally suited is one of the greatest wastes of time in life. It can rob you of some of your most productive years.
Here is a question for you: If you receive $1 million in cash, tax free, would you continue to work at your current job?
How then do you find the Right Job?
Do the Work you Love
Here is another question: Do you currently love what you do? Only a small percentage of people love what they do, and these people are always the happiest, the most satisfied, and usually, the highest paid in every field.
You can tell if you are spending your time and your life at the right job by examining your attitude toward your job and your future. Do you like what you are doing enough to want to be the very best at it? If the job is right for you, not only do you want to get better and better at that job, but you very much admire those people who are at the top of your field. If you find that you have no desire to excel in your field, this is a good sign that it’s probably not the right job for you.
Would you like to continue doing your job for the next twenty years? Do you find your job challenging and fulfilling? Can you hardly wait to get to work on Monday morning, and do you hate to leave on Friday evening? All successful people can answer “yes” to these questions. Unsuccessful people invariably answer “no”.
What if you are ready in a job?
Then I suggest you love what you do.Commit yourself in learning all that you can about the job and develop a strong affection for it.As you  continue to explore new areas in your current job, you find out that your strength  or abilities lies in a particular area .The desire to find out what your strength is would generate a big love for the job which otherwise did not give you enough satisfaction.You can love your job, love takes time to evolve.So take your time unlock your creativity and in a matter of time you would become the best in your field.
What Next?
If you anxiously wait for the week to end to get out of the office,then you are definitely in the wrong job.

Credit:Brian Tracy