Thursday, June 23, 2011

Entrepreneurs in Ghana.

 Why you need to be self employed.
Yesterday, I attended a conference organized by the British Council Ghana, christened the Fast Track. It was organized for the fresh, unemployed graduates and national service personnel in Ghana who would soon be hitting the streets of Ghana looking for white color jobs.
At the end of the seminar, I went into my little box trying to figure out why I don’t need to look for a job in Ghana, in other words I challenged my  brain to think of how  I can be an  entrepreneur  in Ghana and leave the  scanty jobs available to  the majority to struggle over.
You know, before you find out how to do something, it is always better to answer the WHY? before the HOW. So today, I have decided to write a post on why you need to be self employed if you are in Ghana and to encourage Ghanaian Graduates to develop the Entrepreneurial spirit and stop chasing for the limited jobs in Ghana. Interestingly, about 60,000 graduates come out of our various tertiary institutions each year but the number of jobs created in a year is less than 10. Have you now considered being  self employed?, if you are still not convinced, here are some reasons why I think you need to be self employed in Ghana.
·         Money: If you become self employed you would work hard to have all the money you ever desire and would get time to spend the money with the people that matters most in your life. If you work for someone, the harder  or smarter you work the richer that individual becomes and he only pays you only a fraction of the money you have earned for him. Scripture says, God would bless the work of your hand, well , what if someone owns  the work of your hands?
·         Time: Time is the most limited commodity in the 21st century, most people’s relationship and family is in the ruin because they go about  chasing for money. IF you are however self employed you would have the time to visit that family member who needs  those words of encouragement , and the time to visit those places  of interest without intimidation from your boss. Think about it?
·         You are in Control; if your are self employed, you  are in control, you take control of your life and take responsibility for anything that happens. In other words you would stop the blame Game many Ghanaians are involved in.
What Next?
I believe a word to the wise is enough, let’s think of establishing our own business even whist we are in school and stop chasing for the limited jobs in Ghana. Let’s us create our own world and frame our world by our words. The one who believes is possible always achieve their dreams. Remember whatever the mind conceive and believe it can achieve.