Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Thinking of becoming a Leader,do you one day dream of excelling in your area of leadership,to be an inspiration for the leaders yet unborn, are you still struggling to be the leader you always prayed for? Well, I also had those desires till i begun working on my leadership capabilities, just know that leadership is skill that can be  acquired and as John  C. Maxwell a renowned leadership expert puts it   
Everything rises and falls on leadership". 
Leadership has therefore become one of the vital  component  for peak performance, whether you are leader of a church, or an association  it very important that you become that kind of leader that has the ability to deal with situations.
This article  would help you become the leader you have always dreamed of
You may have asked your self this question over and over again, well you are not alone.Many a time people  ask for the definition of leadership in churches ,schools and seminars.And goes on further to investigate whether,one is born a leader ,or it is a skill to acquire, well this definition may clear those doubts:
Leadership is not a Position, leadership is the ability to  influence other people to achieve set goals,it is the ability to have followers and the ability to deal with situation
John C. Maxwell said,” A leader is great not because of his or her power,but  because of his or her ability to empower others.” Leadership requires influencing and empowering followers  to achieve a set goal or to work towards a common vision.A person’s  level of effectiveness has a direct link with his leadership ability.
Although some are born leaders,leadership can be developed and it shows how  you have mature through personal development.One key thing to note about leadership is that it begins in the heart and not in the head, you show people  your  leadership competence by demonstrating to them how much you care, as it is rightly said,”People  don’t  care how much you know until they know how much you care.”The level of care you show towards  your colleagues, subordinates  and  masters brings out the leader that lies within you.The only way to lead people is to love them ,and love is true leadership.Have you ever being untrusted with a task, in the house or in school, that is an indication that you are a leader.My second definition of leadership is:
When ever someone trust  you to be able to do an assignment it shows your leadership competence, they do not  believe they can do it ,so they entrust you to be able to do a very good and effective work than they will.Be  very accountable when ever people entrust something to you,or else they lose their trust in you forever.
 Still want to know more?, One key component of leadership is that, it is a test, you would be tested with difficult task as you climb high the ladder, just like playing a super mario game where each stage seems difficult than the previous one, you would be test at each level of your life, whether, you are in school, or a worker, the ability to do the assignment well,is a measure of true leadership.

Yes, leadership is a test, and a test you must pass. Each time in our life we are tested and the more we pass the test the more our leadership potentials  are sharpened, as a true leader you would be test in every situation you meet, your ability to pass that test is the key to greater accomplishment in life. Knowing how to swing a gulf is one thing , but doing it correctly every time  is another, don't just learn about leadership, put yourself in a test and pass them.Today, you have being blessed to know a little about leadership, how about reading my article on  the Three kinds of leaders.
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