Saturday, October 8, 2011


Effective networking is key in enhancing a strong relationship in every endeavor. Throughout every cycle of life, you would need to know how to create and maintain a network in order to survive in this competitive environment.Almost everyday,we come across influential people who would be willing to give us that helping hand to get to our destination.How then do we take advantage of that opportunity?

Who do You know?
Well, if you do not know any one you should begin to take steps in getting to know people of influence.
This post is designed to share with you tips on effective networking,especially for unemployed graduates in Ghana,who still can't find a decent job after years of studying in the university.Hope at the end of this post you would learn  how to sell yourself at the least opportunity. Don't forget to comment on the post.It keeps me going.
Tips on Effective Networking.

Encourage people to want to talk with you. If the other person seems uncomfortable, you can break the ice, the royal rod to a person’s heart is to talk about things he or she treasures most(That person will be entirely grateful). Besides reinforcing your current connections, you should always want to meet new people. Make it easy for these people to meet you. 
Keep Upbeat: See problems as opportunities. You see, one thing about opportunities is that it is always disguised as hard work, so most people do not recognize them. But remember, if everyone could do it, everyone would have been doing it, but this is never the case. This newest problem could be the entry into your next fortune. Besides, nobody likes a downer.
Do Not Judge Anyone:
You do not know who you are meeting. This person might be the person who can sell you something you really need, buy something from you, teach you something, or empower you by learning from you. This person might connect you to someone who becomes important to you later. As Robert Allen said,” Sometimes you need someone to show you the way.”
I love this Chinese Proverb,” A single conversation with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books
  • Prepare and Present Your elevator speech.
When ever you meet someone or you are asked to speak in an occasion,use that opportunity to sell your self. The elevator speech is a succinct description of who you are, what you do, and how you do it differently.If you are climbing up an elevator and you happen to meet the CEO of a reputable company and you have 20 seconds to sell your self to him,what would you say? This then becomes your elevator speech.

What do you Think?
Hey, if you think you have other tips that could help in effective networking, why not share it with us.Drop me a comment,and let's keep going.