Tuesday, September 27, 2011


In today’s competitive world the ability and power to network would make you stand out from the crowd. Networking,therefore helps you to: Gaining an employment advantage or to be better informed to make wise decisions. After my post on tips on effective networking,i  received so many emails on where to begin networking and today, i am sharing with you some great places and avenues to network. In those competitive environment,who you know determines where you go.Stay focused and learn a few tips it would be beneficial to you.

 Why Do You Start?
Learning about possible opportunities: Keep in mind that there are several employers that simply
recruit by "word of mouth". Many jobs get filled by referral only and are never posted to the general public. In addition many businesses provide incentives to their employees forsatisfactory applicant referrals. All you have to do is to communicate your interest (as simple as that). So you need to be informed,keep asking questions and be open minded.
Get opportunities to offer help to others and vice versa:  When you have the chance to help someone in a work, grab it. Offer you time to help big men in the society get things done easily. If you have a skills that would help solve their needs offer to help them with it. Never let this opportunity pass you by.Sell yourself.

Where Do You Network? 
Churches – Make every effort to speak to the members of your religious group and youth ministries. Participate in activities that you may find appealing,eg.Talk on relationship,carrier choice etc. You could potentially aide your community as you market yourself
Temporary employment agencies -- if unable to secure a permanent full-time position, temporary agencies are wonderful places to introduce yourself to a variety of employers within your industry of interest.
Cold calling -- pick up the telephone and call businesses that you are interested in. Ask if they have job openings. Try to get the name of the HR manager or recruiter. Follow up your telephone conversation with an application letter.(Tip;do not be intemedated,be confident in your conversation)
Social Media: The social networking platform is a great way to meet a lot of people, sell yourself using them, create a good profile you never know who would be reading them.

A word of advice
Given the state of the current economy,employment advantage is key when competing for jobs inthe marketplace. It is important not to overlook potential networking opportunities. Grab it.