Thursday, December 24, 2009


To be able to network effectively especially if looking for job, there are some few tips to follow:
Determine which organizations, positions, career path, or specific persons are of interest to you. Do enough research so that you will be able to talk intelligently to your new contact
Ask the individual when it would be a good time to chat. Give a brief summary of your background and what you are seeking. Focus on what you have in common. Have a goal in mind and state your purpose.
Be flexible. If they offer another time for a meeting, make every effort to make yourself available to their schedule.
 Ask for information, direction and advice, NOT A JOB! Be prepared and have a short list of questions or topics in mind.
 At the meeting, be sure to ask for referrals.
 Always listen attentively and take notes if necessary.
 Respond to any questions directed to you with comments.
 Be sure to bring your resume and ask for their critique of it.
By all means, be courteous and thankful and be sure to follow-up by
sending a handwritten note thanking him or her for their time